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I'm looking for a few yards of single ply worsted wool to repair a hat. In all my yarn scraps, I don't have any single ply at all. The hat is a variegated blue, but honestly I don't care what color the yarn is if you have some.

It is, of course, one of my partner's favorite hats and the hole just keeps getting bigger.

Let me know if you can help; thank you!
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After a month of basically working on only this, I finally finished my Hue Shift Afghan!
More pics and stuff @ my blog

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 We had what will probably be our only Snow Day last week and I finished the cowl I started for the holiday break back in December.

Pale blue cable knit cowl. Laid flat on the left and on my neck on the right

I found the pattern here. It wasn't the worst choice for learning cables; the pattern is easy to understand and it is worked flat and sewn together. I did talk briefly about my early struggles in a post to my own journal, but on the whole I am very happy and cozy with it.

In other knitting news, I am about 75% of the way through my first pair of socks! For my next project I am hoping to combine with another passion (tea) and make a tea cosy for our pot. I really prefer knitting in the round so I am staking out some nice wooly yarn so I can learn steeking. Finally, I think I have figured out Ravelry, so if anyone would like to interact with me there, I have the same username.

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I have five balls of Rowan felted tweed yarn to give away. It’s lovely yarn, a bit rougher than some others I’ve worked with, but knits up very soft. Due to being associated with a family member that passed away (the yarn was for a project that was going to be a gift for for him) I can’t keep it anymore, due to painful associations.

Each ball of yarn is 191 yards, making this around 955 yards total. There’s one ball of yarn I’ve used part of, but not very much; however, I’m unsure of the weight of that ball, or exactly how much yarn is left.

The yarn is a DK weight, and knits up very soft. It’s a blend of wool, alpaca, and rayon. It has a felted effect when it’s knitted, and has a tweed-y texture to it. It’s a deep red, almost rust colored, with flecks of blue and white in it.

I’ll happily send the yarn to whoever wants it, or trade for another yarn if anyone wants to set up something like that. Either comment here or email me (between.stars.unknown@gmail.com) if you’re interested.

Five balls of Rowan tweed yarn, in a rusty red color.  Four of the five have labels on them, the fifth is not labeled, but is wound in a ball.
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In the year 2019, I would like to build upon the Tardis shawl I did twice last year (finished weaving in the ends on the second just before new year's), the Captain America blanket, the Luna Lovegood vest that I need to finish in the next week or so (on hold due to pain making me unhappy about blocking, and it needs blocked before I can finish it up), and my usual slew of projects.

So in my fannish projects queue are (I will probably not do all of these this year, but I might):

* a Stargate scarf (it will have a ton of the glyphs in it, because apparently the only thing anyone made in Stargate were dishclothes. Since I don't like dishclothes, I'll just knit the glyphs in a scarf)
* Borg inspired fingerless mitts: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/borg-fingerless-gloves-star-trek
* Pretty sure I want to knit this: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/star-trek-phaser-softie-original-knitting-pattern
* https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/to-boldly-go-2
* https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/batleth
* https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/to-boldly-go-2

I've also got a couple cable and dropped stitch projects on needles or already in the queue and I have a couple WiP that I can't get back to yet. (My hands haven't been great of late.)

How about y'all?


Jan. 14th, 2019 12:51 pm
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Hi folks, hope it's ok to post this. I've got a large number of knitting magazines (100's) that i need to get rid of quickly. I'd rather pass them on than just recycle them, any suggestions? I'm in Leyton, Walthem forest in n/e London.

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I need help finding a pattern for this yarn.

I have two skeins (220 yards) of this yarn [link] in a lovely variegated green color, and unfortunately this yarn has been discontinued. This morning I tried to do a simple ribbed pattern with size 11 needles, and found that it was awkward to knit with, because the thick-and-thin texture of the yarn.

I'd like to make a scarf, since I only have 220 yards of this yarn. Does anyone know any scarf patterns that work well with thick-and-thin yarn?
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 that feel when something has been a WIP for long enough that your skill level has completely changed, and you've gotten so little done that it's easier to frog and start over :/
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Hi, knitters! I've noticed that this community has become a little more active lately (yay!), and as the end-of-the-year memes circulate, I thought it might be nice for us to have one too. Here are fifteen questions I came up with for reflecting on what you've knit this year (and to occupy you as you work on your still-unfinished winter holiday projects? If that's you, me too!). Please steal/modify/answer whichever questions you want!

Questions under the cut... )
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Just wanted to show off this bad boy, my first-ever hat! Made with help from my mom, for a dear friend's baby girl.

The last thing I knit (before this) was a simple scarf, 10+ years ago! Glad to be knitting again!

I know it's really nothing special, but being the type who's easily sidetracked/distracted/frustrated and frequently gives up on projects like this - I'm pretty impressed with myself for completing it!

I used a size 9(US) needle on circular needles. The yarn used is called Lavender Sparkle, and I believe I got it from Hobby Lobby. I'm not sure if it's really visible in the picture, but there's an iridescent sparkle throughout! ✨✨

Looking forward to making her more and more hats as she grows, and as I grow as a knitter as well!
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I’m trying not to spam the comm with too many posts, so I saved this up until I had two finished projects to link from my journal

The owl pillow I posted about earlier, for a friend’s teen daughter

This little monkey toy for my other friend’s toddler daughter

and with that my holiday knits are DONE! And early!!

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Hi all!

I started this capelet/shoulder warmer thingy early in the year but finished it in September or so (it took a few months to work up the courage to cut open the steek!). I recently found the photos on my phone while searching for something else so I thought I'd share the project here.

The capelet is knit out of three natural colours of sheep's wool from a small producer in the area where my parents live. The wool is naturally very soft and warm. It features the silhouettes of two cats whose tails are laced together to form a heart, and it's knit in stranded colourwork. I designed it myself, starting with "I need something to keep my shoulders extra warm", passing by "I know of this lovely wool...", and ending at "it needs cats!!". I found the cat chart by image searching something like "knit cat chart", made a swatch, and off I went.

Three photos )

I'm very happy with this, it's really warm (which is needed at my office!) and very "me" with the neutrals and the cats. Possibly my favourite knit of the year? Except now that I've typed that out I come to think of some really lovely other things so maybe they're all equal or something. ;)
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I know it’s only been a day since I posted my WIP, but, for all the good sports guessing on my last post, I’ve revealed what pattern I’m using to knit it over here.
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 Anyone else feeling the time crunch on their gift knitting? Two gifts in two weeks is totally doable, right??
(sorry for the repost, I’m out of practice here and had a link fail)
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Hi, my name's Varian. I'm new to Dreamwidth (here because Tumblr is exploding) and I've been a knitting for about 4 years now. I'm currently working on this shawl (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/stratus-wrap) and have gotten to the point that each row takes a long time to do, but I'm still having fun with it.
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I've had a rubbish day at work and I'm trying to distract myself in a positive fashion.

So...knitters of dreamwidth, if you would, please tell me about your favourite sock patterns. I have a bunch of sock wool and I kinda hate the pattern that came with the wool. I'm therefore looking for recommendations for better sock patterns. What are your favourites? Why do you love them? Do you prefer starting at the cuff or toe-up socks? Magic loop or four pins? And what on earth is an 'after-thought heel'?
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So I am teaching youngest roommate to knit.

He's 18. This leads to moments like:

"I have figured out that the purls are whoops up and knits are whoops down." I don't know what whoops are (rhyming with swoop), but it work for him.

He has a flight today. As one does, we went over his project. Him, after grumbling that knit stitch is The Worst, "I hope I get seated next to a kind grandmother. Who knows how to knit."
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I have been spinning and knitting again, to make a few gifts for the festive season!

scarves this way )
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So for those of you with an Instagram, #getyouryarnwishesgranted is one of my very favorite things about the season. You ask for a wish, a yarn fairy (or tools fairy or whatever--a lot of people are asking for patterns or blocking wires or project bags or whatever) grants it, and then you pass the favor along by granting someone else's wish. Some people also do things like put up destash photos or do mystery boxes.

It's a really fun exchange that I've been doing for three years now (and have met people through and learned about yarn I'd never heard of before--such as the banana fiber yarn that's going onto a new home this year).



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