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It's only been eight months, rather than a year this time, so progress? I've been on a 'two projects from wool in the stash' to every new wool purchase kick this last year or so, and it seems to be working out. My stash doesn't seem to be getting any smaller, but it's not getting any bigger either...

Patchwork Side One
Patchwork side Two
So this is technically this year's 'big project', I started it last October and because its little patches it was easy to pick up and put down between other more time specific/gift projects. The pattern was rather more multi-coloured, but I decided to make it different shades of green because I discovered I had 8 random balls of different shades of green. I used six of them for this project (still got some left too) which was good as a I started making it as a 'knit up my stash' project and there's something really satisfying about having knit something substatial purely out of wool I already had kicking about. Also it was really good way to try out new stitches and learn new techiques.
Ref Identifiers
More Identifiers
In my other life I'm a roller derby referee (flat track variety), for those of you who know about roller derby, these are team identifiers for jam refs. For those of you who don't...umm...basically in derby players called 'jammers' score the points, they get their own referees to watch for their fouls (both by them and on them) and count their points. So they can easily identify their ref in the heat of the moment, the jam refs are given identifiers in the appropriate team's colours to wear on their wrist. Teams are supposed to supply these but often forget or provide really scabby ones at the last minute. So some jam refs have their own. After a silly conversation at training one night I decided to make a set for the league I'm associated with to live in our bout box. They're very handy. They also take like an hour to make, (including sewing up) so great for a quick knit.
Pod Cosy
Lastly a wee i-Pod Cosy that I made for my mum's birthday. An emergency knit as the cross-stich project I was supposed to be making her for it was no-where near done. She likes listening to audio books while doing housework but complained that often what she's wearing won't have pockets, so I made a lanyard for it which lets her use it more.

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Date: 2013-09-16 01:39 pm (UTC)
grey853: red mittens in the snow (ani_redmittens_roxicons)
From: [personal profile] grey853
Very nice. Love the pillow in particular.

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Date: 2013-09-16 02:21 pm (UTC)
onlysmallwings: nested metal measuring cups (cooking/baking)
From: [personal profile] onlysmallwings
A lanyard! *lightbulb* Why did I never think of that? I have the same issue with wanting my iPod but not having pockets. Looks like I have a new weekend project!

Thanks for sharing all of these. :)

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Date: 2013-09-16 04:37 pm (UTC)
strixluna: small owl (Default)
From: [personal profile] strixluna
I love all of these. Did you use a pattern for the iPod cosy or just measure said device and figure it out? I'm pondering making one of my own because I also lack pockets all too often.

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Date: 2013-09-16 07:05 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] eruanna
Great projects! I especially love the cushion. :)

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Date: 2013-09-16 08:09 pm (UTC)
opusculasedfera: stack of books, with a mug of tea on top (Default)
From: [personal profile] opusculasedfera
Love that pillow! That's a great mix of colours and textures.

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Date: 2013-09-16 08:38 pm (UTC)
peaceful_sands: tinkerbell (tinkerbell)
From: [personal profile] peaceful_sands
Lovely projects. The cushions look amazing and congratulations on reducing the stash to make them. The team identifiers are a great idea - I hope they were duly appreciated by all concerned. The I-pod cosy on a lanyard is a fantastic idea.

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Date: 2013-09-17 03:23 am (UTC)
iadorespike: (knitting)
From: [personal profile] iadorespike
Very nice...the pillow is beautiful. I love the different stitches and sizes of the squares. I know nothing about roller Derby, but good for you and your knit identifiers. It's nice to have a quick project to pick up and finish. It always makes me feel accomplished. :) And the iPod cozy is adorable, and I've never thought of making a lanyard! What a good idea - thanks!

Thanks for sharing!

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Date: 2013-09-17 11:34 am (UTC)
lizcommotion: A hand-drawn/colored lovely little creature with a knitted cap and piles of yarn behind it knitting a scarf (knitting creature)
From: [personal profile] lizcommotion

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Date: 2013-09-17 09:00 pm (UTC)
realrose: (Default)
From: [personal profile] realrose
Cute! I love the pillows!



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