Aug. 24th, 2017 01:11 am
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I have seen a lot of lizards lately.

Design thoughts

Aug. 23rd, 2017 07:56 pm
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1) I can tell I haven't done any frontend design work in a while because I went to write some CSS for a work thing yesterday and had to pull up the site-style icon page (which I wrote!) because I couldn't remember CSS vertical align stuff.

2) Likewise I need to make a quick vector text graphic to go on my shirt for Lup and I used to be able to just throw some fonts together real quick and be pleased with the result and now it's taking me forever? Like this is basically the equivalent of a website header text graphic and it's just not working for me.

3) That said, I missed the widespread adoption of flexbox and just found it this week and it's basically amazing. Like, solves most of the problems I had with CSS, honestly.

Alright, back to banging my head against design.

Emerging From Hiding...

Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:45 pm
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I've not been feeling too well these past couple of days. I think it's all down to exhaustion after the weekend, but I wouldn't put it past anything to have caught something while in all the various crowds I was in on Saturday and Sunday. My depression and panic attacks have been making themselves known as well, and today I've suffered from repeated audio hallucinations of my phone ringing when it wasn't. Thankfully those were more annoying than anything else - hearing the phantom tones of Dare to be Stupid every now and then was just strange.

So I started work on Christmas presents today. I'm making Rachael a Hufflepuff scarf (yellow with spaced-out black stripes) and I'm also working on a Lizard shawl for my friend Kerry (although I might well keep this one and make her something else as it's a shawl I've wanted to make for myself for a while as well). I've been switching between them all day because I've not really wanted or been able to focus on one thing for very long. This is also why I've been watching random things on YouTube for most of the day as well. Somehow I've finished up on old episodes of Crimewatch UK.

A couple of random things I forgot to put in the last post about my weekend:

- I tried halloumi for the first time while visiting my niece! Over the past year or so Rachael has been suffering from severe emetophobia that's developed into OCD and a borderline eating disorder, because she's become so afraid of eating anything that might make her ill that she struggles to eat anything. She's lost a lot of weight because of it. She's working through it, though, and one of the foods she can eat is grilled or pan-fried halloumi. So she cooked us both some on Saturday night, and damn, that stuff is good. I'm going to have to get some for myself next time I manage to venture out to the supermarket.

- On the Sunday before I got the train back home the two of us went into Liverpool. Rachael wanted to get some beard moisturiser from Lush for her boyfriend, and I just wanted to see Liverpool shopping centre because I'd not been there since... last century, actually. It's changed a lot. So many of the shops I knew and frequented from my teenage years are long gone - Miss Selfridges, C&A, the huge Waterstones (although apparently that's just moved location) - and it now seems like every fifth shop is a coffee shop or Burger King. It was disorienting, to say the least. Also, the Lush store was nice, but the staff were really really over-eager to help. In my local store, you go in, they greet you and then pretty much leave you to your browsing. In the Liverpool store, we had three staff members come up to us to see if we needed anything within five minutes. And it was a crowded shop already, so I didn't really enjoy the complete lack of personal space. Also, the beard moisturiser was bloody expensive.

[Politics] Links and Excerpts

Aug. 23rd, 2017 12:42 pm
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How Charlottesville is Coping, a Week Later By Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
Read more... )

How Identity Became A Weapon Against The Left: Reaction to criticism of Kamala Harris shows how the voices of progressive people of color are erased by Briahna Joy Gray, Current Affairs
Read more... )

Z is for zombie because this topic never stays dead: Zionism and the uses and misuses of the term by [ profile] lirael_abhorsenan (an "Anti-Zionist Jewish atheist"), Now Face North
Read more... )

Making Sense of Restorative Justice, Community Response, And The PWR BTTM Fallout by Liz Pelly, The Village Voice [Note: additional resources are linked in article]
Read more... )

Why Protest? by Mariame Kaba, The PIC is (zine produced by the Chicago Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) Teaching Collective)
Read more... )

Yay and Foo

Aug. 23rd, 2017 02:55 pm
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Had to get my passport renewal in the mail, which meant a photo. Which of course meant my skin decided to break out. :P But! I managed to Do The Makeup well enough to make my skin look clear, so it is probably my least UGH! mug shot to date. So net result... yay?

Then, since I had make up on I figured I'd get some use out of it and not just go home afterward. I was the most over dressed woman returning cans at Meijer, but it gave me nearly $10 to browse with, No joy on the takoyaki flour front (foo!) but I found sugar free chocolate chips (yay!) so I bought two bags, a bag of sugar free Reese's cups, and still got almost $3 back. Another net yay from that stop.

Then I went to Payless. I don't really have a need for new shoes but I like to see what they have. I wouldn't have found those knee high boots a couple years ago if I hadn't after all. I walk in and... NO size 13s. FOO! I mostly take 12w, which they still had a few of, though not many of the 12s were also wide, but the complete lack of size 13 is dispiriting. Sure, they do let you order on the site for delivery to the store where you can try on and get a refund, but it sort of misses the whole point of being able to browse and try things on that you might not have considered (like those boots of mine). It also requires you to buy the shoes just to try them on. So no impulse shoe purchases anymore, which may be for the best, but it does kill what little fun there had been in shoe shopping these last few years.

Wednesday reading

Aug. 23rd, 2017 07:05 pm
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Recently finished
The Daughter of Time, which I enjoyed very much and League of Dragons, which I also liked even if it wasn't quite as gripping as some of the other ones in the series.

Currently reading
Still reading The Oxford History of Greece and the Hellenistic World, also reading A Dangerous Inheritance by Alison Weir (one of her fiction books) and Freshman Year by Kristine Robinson (a free ebook), which so far has been pretty terrible, but as I've been reading it as an undemanding bedtime book, it's OK.

Reading next
Not sure. I'm tempted to re-read the entire Temeraire series, but also not keen on giving on all other reading for weeks.


Aug. 23rd, 2017 06:44 pm
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Ach, juchu! Nachdem unser gutes altes Spiel "Zoll" bereits seit Jahren verschwunden war, habe ich mir ein "neues altes" über ebay gegönnt. Jetzt freue ich mich schon auf die nächste Spielerunde, in der wir das dann spielen können. Wir hatten früher immer tierisch viel Spaß dabei. :-)
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I finally finished this shawl. Knit, with crochet appliques. I love appliques, but I hate actually having to sew things on, so I procrastinate. The base is a standard triangle shawl with increases in the middle and sides. Not sure what the stitch is, but knit on one side, alternating knit and purl on the other.

This shawl was inspired by Mika, who has worn clothes with a winged heart across the back. (And he gives my heart wings, so XP) He also has art with stars on blue, used on his second album and as a backdrop on his variety show.

I tried to make the wings as similar to the ones on his jacket as I could, but then sewed on sequins and some braided yarn for texture. The cool thing about crochet is you can draw any shape you want and then just make the yarn into that shape. Is it a pain? Yes, yes it is, but it's doable. I used this pattern for the larger stars, though. Then glued sequins and wee crystals to them. The heart has sewn sequins and glued gems. I resisted the temptation to be lazy and just use the fabric glue to attach the appliques to the shawl itself. I WANT CREDIT.

Aaaanyway, it turns out the winged heart makes the shawl kind of heavy, so that's a downside. Possibly in the future I can take it off and just have the starfield. Good thing I didn't glue it, yeah?
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Why I don't use automated checkout machines -- they cost jobs. Millions of jobs.

Where statues go to retire.

Is America finally ready for the bidet?

The Congressional Black Caucus is talking impeachment.

With all the weirdness, we might need some Help!


There is a lot of coverage of Trump's speech in Phoenix yesterday, ranging from "he's deranged" to "he made it all up" to "he plans to pardon that racist Joe Arpaio" and more. And there were 3000+ peaceful demonstrators outside -- at least, it appears, until police threw pepper bombs into the crowd. I do not have the oomph to chase all of this, but if you go to, you'll find a ton of links. Sorry. I am having vision problems (eta: because the frame of my glasses is bent and one lens is closer than the other, and I have ordered new ones that aren't in yet) and need to take care of my eyes today, ok? Thanks for understanding.

It's a regional specialty

Aug. 24th, 2017 01:48 am
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My favourite thing that happened on the internet this week was when [ profile] vintar learned that non-Australians do not sing 'Why Was He Born So Beautiful'. ("Why was he born so beautiful? / Why was he born at all? / Because he had no choice in it, / No choice in it at all." To this tune.)

The tags are full of horrified non-Aussies, dubious non-Aussies wondering if the Aussies are trolling them again, Aussies who have never heard of this, and Aussies who are amazed this is not a thing elsewhere too.

(I'm on team mildly surprised this is Aussie-only -- I'd sort of assumed it was a Commonwealth thing and that at least Brits and Kiwis would do it too -- and very surprised at the Aussies who hadn't heard of it.)

Another insta-rec

Aug. 23rd, 2017 01:42 pm
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[personal profile] cesy has a good summary of what a venue needs to do to be accessible to a basic range of disability needs. Places like Nine Worlds and lists like Euan's Guide go a lot further, particularly for neurodiversity and complex needs, but this is a great start and easy to understand for those who are new to the subject.


Aug. 22nd, 2017 10:19 pm
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Marja Vongerichten with Julia Turshen, The Kimchi Chronicles: Korean Cooking for an American Kitchen (2011)
Lauren Chun, The Kimchi Cookbook: 60 Traditional and Modern Ways to Make and Eat Kimchi (2012)

Read Vongerichten for a fusion tour. Read Chun to distinguish older and newer (she labels). Neither book could have existed without a family member: Vongerichten's three-star chef husband enabled the TV show on which the book rests, and Chun acknowledges the restaurant in which she was raised, though she doesn't trouble herself to credit by name the ajummas who labored in her mother's kitchen.

Both have a great grounding in writing and showing what one knows, however. Vongerichten is admirably matter-of-fact in crossing among the restaurants where she and Jean-Paul dined (thence recreated or adapted a dish), remembrances of her adoptive parents, and remembrances of her birth mother. She lived with the latter till she was three years old, then parted and re-met when she was grown. Chun studied law and worked as a wine buyer before returning to kimchi, the one thing her mother had warned her not to share with non-Koreans, which made me wonder whether we're of similar age; quite a few K Ams from the US West Coast have this story about their childhoods, without Chun's backing (or Roy Choi's) of restaurant-quality food.

(Japanese miso soup and ramen were acceptably exotic, but Japanese anything was protected by the coolness of their electronics during that mini-era. Korean food was nearly unknown even in southern California unless you lived right atop K-town or (where Chun was) Orange County's Garden Grove/Anaheim pocket. Otherwise, you were assumed Chinese, a situation aided by the fact that some Chinese restaurants served pickled cabbage, whether in their own right (northerly tradition) or because they were run by Koreans.)

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Aug. 23rd, 2017 01:44 am
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Sharak is just about ready for Dragon*Con! Forgive my appalling calligraphy skills. #saiyuki #sharaksanzo #cosplay



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