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I started my first cabling project last night.  It is so very cool.  I'm going to want to cable everything for a while.  The project is cabled baby socks and I am using an organic, undyed, cotton yarn

Cabling!  It's my new thing. 

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I've got a pattern which calls for using the Twisted German cast on, which I don't know. (I know could use some other cast on but I would really prefer to follow the pattern on this one...)

So please, oh dear wise [community profile] knittingers, any help you can throw my way would be much appreciated!

I'm looking for instructions on how to do the Twisted German cast-on (it may or may not have other names, but only that one was given) which are actually useful in explaining how to do it. I've looked at some of the instructions I could find online but I haven't had any luck actually following along and reproducing the cast-on properly (erm, as far as I can tell, given that I don't know what exactly I'm supposed to be doing. But at least it doesn't look quite like the photo, which I assume isn't a good sign...).

My preference is for vids which I can watch with the sound off (and thus learn entirely from the motions), but annotated pictures/diagrams or written instructions could also work. Books/offline references are much less instant-gratification, but I do have access to a library, so, sure, why not leave them too.

And if you have links (or off-line references) to instructions for this cast-on which are useful/instructive but don't match up with my preferences, please do leave them anyway so that this might be a useful reference post for those who don't learn the same way I do (marking them as 'not likely to be useful to Fish' or something similar would be useful, I suppose).

ETA: I think I've figured it out, thanks everyone! :) If you have a favourite resource(s) for this cast on that you'd like to share, feel free to still drop them in the comments so that others viewing this entry in the future can check them out.



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