Feb. 28th, 2014

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Hi, all! Reposting this from my own journal:

So, I have been working on these twisted rib socks since May. By which I mostly mean on the second sock, which I have had to rip out and start over twice, and now I've found a mistake which means I'll need to do it a third time. And of course I am bored and frustrated, which just makes me more likely to make mistakes. I want to move on to a new project, but I know that if I do I will never actually finish this sock. And I want to!

And I thought, this is the internet. I cannot possibly be the only person in this situation.

So-- would anyone out there like to do a second sock exchange with me? As in, I will send you my pattern, the yarn, and sock number one; you send me the same for your stalled socks, and we each swatch out the other's gauge and knit the other's second sock. Which, for each of us, will be a First Sock, and therefore exciting and new and not just a reminder of terrible knitting mistakes!

(If multiple people are interested, a round robin exchange could also be arranged.)

(Also, if you're just going to suggest I ask around on Ravelry, please don't-- I've never used it for anything but looking at patterns, and I don't want to create an identity there just for this.)



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