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Hi everyone!

I've mainly lurked here so far, but I wanted to draw this post to your attention:

The poster, after a life full of medical and family issues, is in dire financial strains and selling several knitting/crochet patterns in an attempt to raise money to cover a student loan bill. (If you like the patterns but can't/don't want to donate, they'll be available for free from Aug 1, so it's still worth keeping an eye on this post.)

There's doll's wings, a baby bonnet (which is really cute and I'd totally be tempted to knit it, but I don't currently know anyone with a kid that young),and mesh backpack.

(I'm not sure if this type of post is allowed, but I couldn't find anything that said it wasn't--moods, please delete if inappropriate.)
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This might be of interest ...

A free trial issue of "Love of Knitting" and a PDF of a well-illustrated Knitting Basics guide. When you get the bill you can write "CANCEL" on it and you won't owe anything. If you want to subscribe, it's $20 for a year.

Trial Issue offer of Love of Knitting
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Hi everyone.

I'm culling my knitting books and have a bunch for sale in my journal. Mostly really nice pattern books, some socks, some clothing, etc. The quick list:

Best of Interweave Knits
Veronik Avery, Knitting Classic Style
Norah Gaughan, Knitting Nature
Stephanie Japel, Fitted Knits
Nancy Bush, Knitting Vintage Socks
Lynne Barr, Knitting New Scarves
Melissa Leapman, Continuous Cables
Nancy Bush, Knitting on the Road
Tea Cozies

All in as-new condition, priced at 50-60% of retail.

Details over there.



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