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So I wrote up the pattern for my baby blanket and uploaded it to Ravelry as a free download. If you'd like to have it, here's the link:


I would actually appreciate any feedback that anyone is willing to give, as in if it is clear and easy to understand and so forth.

I also added a note on the bottom of the pattern in response to someone claiming that my cast-on numbers were a typo. Hopefully it doesn't come across as too snarky. :D
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Finished the baby blanket! I've spent the last three nights frantically working because my friend Meaghan (whose sister is having the baby) is going down to Georgia next week and will be able to take the blanket when she goes. Last night (well, this morning about 3 a.m.) I finally finished it. As a side note, my hands were swollen and painful when I finished, and the numb part of my left hand (unrelated) was worse. So I'm taking a couple of days off from knitting to let my anatomy get less angry.

That said, I've just washed and blocked the blanket and it is currently laid out on my kitchen counter with a fan blowing on it. pic! )


The dimensions are approx. 29" wide by approx 42" tall.

ETA I forgot to mention: I was very surprised by how large this turned out to be. I measured it some while it was on the needles, and I thought I had about 27" of width - but I was measuring the side that turned out to be 42"! It's much bigger than I expected - but that's a good thing! :) I think I may actually write up a pattern for this.



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