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Question about sweater pattern alteration here:

I tend to pick patterns to pieces and combine the bits I like. I'm planning to knit caramel, which is a top-down cardigan that's got a lot of positive ease and is very drape-y, using some Malabrigo rastita and DK/light worsted handspun that's a mix of silk and wool.

My main question is, aside from me having to do math, is there a structural problem with me knitting in a looser gauge than the pattern calls for?

The pattern calls for 22 sts / 4 inches, and I just feel that because the yarn I have is very woolen and floofy, at that gauge it will be Too Stiff. Also, because chronic pain + hot flashes all the time, light weight cardigans are really more my style anyway.

I know for socks and things a looser gauge means you're more likely to get holes, and obviously it will be cooler (which I want). But other than that, is there any reason not to do it? I also know that because I'm using a lot of single ply, there will be Pilling Issues, but I can deal.

I knit a swatch with a gauge of 18 sts / 4 inches and I really like the way the fabric looks and drapes and feels so if there is not a problem other than those listed above, I will probably just go with that.


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I'm what's called a slow knitter... In the case of these items though, slow took on a whole new meaning. They were both part done projects for more than two years. But no Longer! I have finally finished them and in time for a friend who's expecting a baby in the New Year.

One was a simple baby jumper in white with patches of pink, green, purple and blue with a simple cable up the front and two stripes where the knit becomes purl to create a relief pattern (Is there a technical term for that?)

White Baby Jumper

Cut for further projects and pictures )
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I really want to make the Owls sweater for a friend. It'll be my first one and I'm super nervous as I make my choice of yarn and read pattern mods and everything. Is this a good choice for a first sweater? What measurements do I need? Is there any thing else I should know before embarking on such a thing?
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Hello! I have lurked here for aaaages but I am now delurking because I need some help.

I'm knitting a seamless sweater (a la Elizabeth Zimmerman) on circular needles. It's been going swimmingly (stocking, so I'm just knitting and knitting). But this evening when I got home from work, I pulled the project out of my bag in a careless manner and accidentally pulled a bunch of stitches off the needles.

[insert giant sadface here]

So I've managed to get the stitches mostly back on the needles, but I think some of them are twisted and some of them have dropped back a few rows. I know you do something with a crochet needle, but I'm not sure what, and I'm not sure what search terms to use to find good tutorials online. (I keep wanting to type "save my knitting!" into Google, but I'm not sure that will help much.)

My two major questions are:

1. How do I fix the run-down stitches beyond "wave crochet needle"?
2. How do I tell which ones are twisted for sure? I am not great at reading my knitting yet.

Any help in fixing this mess is much appreciated. Thanks!
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Hello everyone! I finished up my first-ever sweater yesterday, and I'm excited to show it off. I'm probably going to take it apart to fix some wonky seams at some point, but I wanted to get a few uses out of it before it warms up for the summer here. Click over to my journal for details and pictures!
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You guys have been super helpful lately, and I'm hoping you can help me out again. I'm feeling rather confident in my knitting lately, and I think I'd like to tackle a sweater. I've been all over Ravelry and Knitty and everywhere else I can think of, but nothing is jumping out at me as exactly what I'm looking for.

Can anyone recommend a sweater pattern that's good for an advanced beginner? I'd like something knit flat, not in the round. Ideally, it'll be something with shaping at the waist and a bit of negative ease built in since I like my clothing fitted. Something with ribbing and maybe a few simple cables would be nice, but no lace patterns or color work, please. A cardigan is preferred, but I'll take a pull-over as well since I could use both in my closet. I usually only look for free patterns, but I'd be willing to pay a few dollars if necessary to get the pattern I really want.

Or, can anyone suggest a good tutorial for designing your own pattern? I have an idea of what I'd like pretty clearly in my head, but I've never made a pattern for anything so complicated as a sweater.



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