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My soon-to-be 16 year old step son lives in PA with his mom, and this last week he posted on Facebook that he wants a TARDIS birthday cake.

I cannot make him a cake, but I can totally make him a hat. It required getting over my fear of color work, and I was pretty sure I was going to be ripping it out a couple times before I felt it was good enough for my kid. I got through the first set of windows and realized I'd been carrying my yarn wrong, so I went looking for some tutorials. This one and This one are what gave me my "ah HA" moment; the second in particular made this project such a piece of cake. I ripped back my first attempt, worked again using the tips in the two previous links, and nailed it on my first try. I am *so* thrilled, you have no idea. Because this was such a success I have time to attempt a couple other things I'd like to make for him. Here's my three year old modeling it pre-blocking: )
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Mohair, silk, linen fine yarns.
For details:  That Knitting Blog
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 This is big bulky yarns in woven stitch, or linen stitch.

More at That Knitting Blog.
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Mohair and railroad yarns - my favorite combination!
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This took muchmuch longer than I thought it would (I started it just after the beginning of football season) but it's finally done!
The colorwork sections were very much worth the miles of stockinette.  I may do this one again.  More details on my Ravelry page; feel free to friend me either there or here!  :)
Seventy-two inches of scarf beyond . . . )
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I finally finished the topsy turvy doll I started for my niece about 6 months ago. I also knit a chemo cap and have started (yet another) project - stranded mittens! Well, I'm excited about them anyway :D

Click the clicky to go to my journal post with pictures

smaller sized preview pic of doll:
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ETA: This is a scarf so geeky that I might actually find the patience for it: Emission Spectra scarves. You can browse the emission/absorbtion spectra of the elements using this (Java).

Does anyone have any favorite colorwork/fair-isle techniques or hints? For my first colorwork project I used Philosopher's Wool's Two-Handed Fair Isle technique for weaving the floats into the back of the work. Someone at my knitting circle linked it to me. I'm a Continental knitter and it requires you to able to knit English with the dominant color, but it was invaluable on the longer carries.

My Ravelry Account
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My first colorwork project!

This is a present for my older son, who turns five tomorrow. :)
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I have found a great book of hundreds of knitting patterns... well, not patterns per se, more like motifs that can be adapted in various ways. It is called Mosaic Knitting, by Barbara Walker.

As far as I can tell from my limited experience, her designs use a special colorwork technique to achieve various repeated geometric shapes using rows of alternating color and slipped stitches. Once you grok the chart instructions (they're not intuitive, but they are simple), you can work the designs in your choice of garter stitch or stockinette.

The book retails for $32 but if you order it from Knitpicks like I did, you can take advantage of their big book sale, 40% off through Feb 22. Here's a link.


Dec. 28th, 2009 02:54 pm
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O ye knitters,

I'm curious to try colorwork. I've been knitting a while, have done socks and scarves and a sweater, and have dabbled in cables, but I've never done colorwork and know really nothing about it. Do you have any suggestions for an easy project to learn on?

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Edited to clarify: What I'd really like is a good pattern for a first-timer--I've tried looking for one on Ravelry and Google, but my search skillz are failing me this time.



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