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It's a nice bright day here, so I took the opportunity to get a picture of my latest knitting project and thought, well its high time I made a post about my holiday knitting. But one of my bits of holiday knitting was finished months and months ago and I couldn't remember if I'd posted about it. So I went looking back throught the posts to see if I'd posted about it...and then kept going further back in search of a post by me and discovered that I'd not posted here since this time last year when I made my last 'holiday knitting' post... *headdesk* so this is a larger than expected FO post because I have all of last year to cover...

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I'm new to knitting and these are my first completed projects

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When I started knitting I rather despised scarves, as they take so long. I am now working on one that is taking *forever* because it is in lace weight and I've done the pattern before, but I'm perservering because it is gorgeous. The other one I've started is quite enjoyable, because it goes by so quickly in comparison. I started in on Friday and it's already half the length of the scarf I've been working on for *months*.

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Sometime I'll get around to photographing the amigurumi dog I knit for my nephew.
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Knitting 101 by Dan, and linked to by Shadow Manor blog and The AntiCraft. (Link is to a blog with an embedded YouTube video.)

"It's okay to pull real hard, because it's yarn, and yarn can't feel pain."

ETA: I had thought the video was by someone affiliated with The AntiCraft; I think now that they just linked to him. I've changed the post to reflect this.
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I posted my questions about how the yarn was twisted so tightly from the winding...

Here is a photo of the last row before I bound off.


You can see how tightly wound it was in those first five stitches, as opposed to the width of the yarn as it was on the hank before winding. That continued over and over throughout the knitting of the scarf.

When I asked at the yarn store how many balls I'd need for the finished scarf, she said one.

So I bought one.

And got a 37.5 inch scarf.


Don't know any toddlers who will be dancing over this color combo, so I think I now have a very expensive table runner. Or a huge hot pad.

But I learned some lessons here...

130 yards of Camp Stove is enough to make half a scarf.

Any future purchases of this yarn will be wound by hand.
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I've been doing some Sherlock Holmes-related projects lately, and so here's one for the knitters: Dr Watson's scarf from the Ritchie sequel. The patterns for this I have seen for this have all been pretty vague, so I did what I'm good at and stared and photos and screen caps until my eyes went crossed. And then went and saw the movie, and came home with a pretty solid idea for how to go about this thing.

And you can find the pattern here.
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One of my housemates alerted me recently to the 2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project, and I thought I'd pass along the information to anyone with an unoccupied set of needles or a hankering to do something charitable.

The project guidelines cover the official yarn and colors of this year's project, as well as the measurement criteria. There are some free patterns linked there as well, but you're invited to use any pattern you'd like, so long as you use the specified yarn brand/colors and meet the correct length/width. The deadlines range from December 16th to March 5th, so there's still plenty of time to participate. Each state's page lists the number of scarves they need/the number they've received (in case you don't have a state in mind and just want to help where you think it will be most needed).

/exposition machine

Personally, I have no love for Red Heart yarns; they're just too scratchy for me, especially for garments worn directly against the skin -- but they're sponsoring it, and it's a requirement that you use the brand. I tried my best to find the "Soft" options, but am starting to suspect you'll have to buy them online if you really want them. (Michaels, by the way, didn't carry the right colors at all; I got mine at Hobby Lobby). On the plus side, it's a crazy-cheap brand, and you get a ton of it. I'll be surprised if I don't get at least two scarves out of the two skeins (one of each color) that I picked up.

The pattern I'm using is a generic striped 1x1 ribbed, and I got most of the specifications from here and modified for width and needle preference. I really thought the bright red/bright blue color scheme would make for the loudest scarf ever, but the two-row stripes seem to subdue it a bit. I'm planning on using the pattern again for my own personal projects; it's reversible (yay!) and stripes without a bajillion ends to weave in once I've finished (yay times infinity!).

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I just had to share some of the lovely goodies I've been knitting (many of which I improvised). Feel free to friend me on Ravelry, or whatever you call it if it's not "friending." I have the same username.

Anyway, here are some things I've been working on lately:

Still on the needles is a lovely Helix scarf that I'm making in lace weight baby merino yarn on #3 is slow going, but it's great TV knitting and is so lightweight and warm and lovely. Eventually I will finish. Maybe before spring.

Meditation Scarf 1

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 This is big bulky yarns in woven stitch, or linen stitch.

More at That Knitting Blog.
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So I actually remembered to not only take some photos of the scarves I've been making recently, but also to take them off my camera. I thought I celebrate by posting them here and realised that I haven't actually posted here since several people here were kind enough to answer my puzzled questions about scarf patterns months and months ago. Thus a scarf pictures post!

Irish Hiking Scarf )

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This took muchmuch longer than I thought it would (I started it just after the beginning of football season) but it's finally done!
The colorwork sections were very much worth the miles of stockinette.  I may do this one again.  More details on my Ravelry page; feel free to friend me either there or here!  :)
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I'm seeking the wisdom, experience of the comm, with regard to scarf patterns. A few months ago when I was up on Shetland I bought some Shetland (Marl) wool with the intention of making a scarf. I'm looking for a pattern for a long scarf, preferably with some sort of cable pattern (I've not done a lot of cabling - mostly only in a swatch for a jumper I never ended up making - but I enjoyed it and would like to do some more without worrying about lots of increases/decreases etc). It's been four months since I bought the wool and I've found nothing that grabbed me and suited the wool. So, if anyone has used a pattern like that they'd recommend, or knows of one that looks like it would work? Any suggestions gratefully received.

PS My knitting skill level is about Knitty 'tangy' grade.

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Nov. 2nd, 2010 09:00 am
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I'm not officially participating in NaKniMo (Ravelry link) but I thought I would use the opportunity to get some projects completed and work on some others that I may or may not be able to complete.  Does anyone want to join me?

To be completed:
1) Scarf for my grandmother's birthday.  Needs tassels.
2) Dishcloth that I found this morning that has been bound off.  Just needs ends woven in. Finished Nov 2
3) Add snaps to baby bib.

To work on:
1) Scarf for barter.  Made with silk sari yarn.  Worked on it yesterday and today. 
2) Baby blanket.

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Perhaps not on a scarf, but certainly on a garment.

two scarves, side by side, with a ruler showing one is five inches wide and the other six inches

These were both knitted with the same yarn (Noro Silk Garden Lite) and the same needles (size 8 Addi Turbos). [personal profile] synecdochic knit the one on the left and I did the one on the right. As you can see, I'm a loose, loose woman knitter: my scarf is 20% wider than hers.
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ETA: This is a scarf so geeky that I might actually find the patience for it: Emission Spectra scarves. You can browse the emission/absorbtion spectra of the elements using this (Java).

Does anyone have any favorite colorwork/fair-isle techniques or hints? For my first colorwork project I used Philosopher's Wool's Two-Handed Fair Isle technique for weaving the floats into the back of the work. Someone at my knitting circle linked it to me. I'm a Continental knitter and it requires you to able to knit English with the dominant color, but it was invaluable on the longer carries.

My Ravelry Account
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OK, I have too many works in progress.

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That's too many, right? And I didn't even count the two I don't have pics of. *sigh*

PS: all patterns etc are linked from my Rav project page



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