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Is anyone looking at the Tour de Sock? Registration is a $7.50 donation to a Doctors Without Borders fundraiser, and you get 7 sock patterns out of the deal. The contest is to knit the socks first or best or within the deadline and earn points, but additionally you can do it as a team, and as long as everyone in the team completes one pair of socks out of the seven on time you're (as a team) in for the prize drawing.

I don't know if I'm completely committed to speed knitting as a contest, but it seems like the sponsor discounts (Miss Babs, for one!) might easily make up the registration cost!

Just the same, anyone else interested? I might be convinced to join a Dreamwidth team...
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And I have a question. If I I'm knitting a sock and I like the pattern on the "inside" better, when I get to the heel flap couldn't I just do a wrap and turn or something and flip it inside out and work the rest of the sock the other way out? I know it might affect gauge, but other than that can anyone see any problems?

(This is what happens when I experiment with yarn.)
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I did. \o/

Two are Picc Line covers for That Charity Thing, and one is something I have been procrastinating on for ages...those socks for my mom.

I had so much trouble with the first one. Then I was on a roll with the cuff of the second and it didn't match just right, and then my mom tried the first one on and said the toe felt "tight" even though it was fine the night before. So I had to take a breather.

They don't match, I'm not pulling the first one back (turns out she was trying it on her larger foot), I don't care. She has a pair of socks, after 9 months:
Clicky for a picture! )

I am so only knitting socks for myself now. And maybe my partner, if she's very nice.

Also? So glad I did those in sport weight.

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The second sock is up to the heel flap, as I started it while I was working on the other sock.

And I even wrote down what I did, so hopefully it's something I can replicate. Apparently swatching three times was worth it.
3 small photos behind the cut )

Yarn: Shibui Knits Sock, colorway: Spectrum

Thank you everyone who helped out with the great What Needle Should I Use Crisis earlier on...I am *so* excited about these socks you have no idea. Back to work on the other one!

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OK, so I finally got the gauge I was aiming for with the darn lovely rainbow yarn. It really knits up quite prettily. Unstretched it is 30 sts/4 in (7.5 sts/in) on #0s, stretched it is 26 sts/4 in (6.5 sts/in). I decided I would just use the Yarn Harlot's Basic Sock Pattern from Knitting Rules, and since it appeared I had gotten the same gauge as her, I would "cheat" and use the pre-written pattern. It's basically a top-down heel gussett pattern.

I should mention that I have an issue with socks I knit falling down. I don't know if that's because my ankles seem to be larger (due to swelling) than other peoples' or what. They range from 10"-10.5" depending on swelling. Whenever I have knit 1" less based on unstretched gauge, the socks fall down (usually because health is also doing better and then the ankles are too big also). So it's sort of a hit-and-miss thing.

For the Yarn Harlot's pattern, she says:
"This standard pair of socks will fit the average woman. They are knit...at a gauge of 7.5 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch."
And call for you to cast on 64 stitches.

I figured if they didn't fit me they would fit someone and maybe I could auction them off to benefit some queer organization or some such.

64 stitches/7.5=about 8.5 inches around your ankle, which seemed appropriate for me

Except I got a horrible sinking feeling when I started knitting, because it seemed too big. So for once I did something sensible and inserted a lifeline, took the half inch of cuff off the needles, and tried it on. It fell down.

It's about 9.5" around. I'm guessing that the Yarn Harlot is using her "slightly stretched" gauge, which she mentions as being useful several pages earlier in the chapter. So in that case, I should cast on 6.5 sts/in x 8.5" = 55 sts. Right? Please tell me I am doing maths right? Does this seem like a reasonable number that will not completely cut off circulation in my ankle? (Except I want an even number so I'd probably go up to 56...)

Or should I aim for a 9" cuff and go for 6.5 sts x 9" = 58 sts...


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So I finally, thanks to [personal profile] patelyne 's gentle nudging, finished the first sock of a pair I started for my mom at Christmas. It's a process. They are...well, first there was when I was picking up stitches for the gusset three times because for some reason there were different numbers (vastly different numbers) on each sides and then there were gaping holes...then I knit the foot of the sock two inches two long before the toe decrease. It needed a time out so it got one. I finally pulled it back (twice) and finished it and my mom is happy with it, so I started the second one right away so I would not get Second Sock Syndrome.

The only problem is that I sort of made up the pattern for the cuff and apparently I wrote it down wrong. I wrote down the wrong number of repeats of rows between the rows of mock cables, so while it is very similar the cables are...longer. Which is only really noticeable if you hold both socks up next to one another.

I did an Eye of Partridge Heel on the first one, and I think that might be why I had so much trouble with it. I'm thinking of trying to do the accidentally-on-purpose thing with this one and have both socks be similar but very slightly different...in for a penny in for a pound...and just do a different heel (such as a Slip Stitch Heel).

Of course I could just ask my mom, since she is getting the socks, but I am afraid that if she says I should pull back the 2" of beautiful cuff I have done then these socks will just sit in my knitting bag...for another three months or so of time out. So what say you, fearless knitters of dreamwidth? What would you do?

- Pull back and start over so they're identical
- Hide the sock til later
- Leave the cuff the way it is but do the same heel
- Make it look like it's on purpose and do the Slip Stitch Heel
- Ask the recipient (bearing in mind the adage: Don't ask the Prince, he may answer)

I think I know what I want just from writing this, but also, is it possible these socks are jinxed? Do I need to smudge the yarn or something?

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Hey all, you might remember that several weeks ago, I was frustrated with trying to use DPNs with my funky hand issues.Well, I took all your suggestions and worked on it and worked on it... and then I was busy driving to and from Houston to see various specialists at MD Anderson for a while... but I had gotten a little further on using DPNs before just putting it all in a shoe box and telling myself I could look at it again later when I wasn't so distracted.  ANYWAY, I decided to try the 2 circular needles method, and went ahead and purchased the needles and then studied some Youtube videos and OMG it's all come together!! I've successfully done the cuff of this Lion Brand Yarn pattern!

Now... I'm onto the leg portion and it says to "work in St st until piece measures 6in from beg." Which is fine, I get that. Except, it just says "work" and doesn't specify if I'm to knit or purl. And so I started to knit stitch, but now it looks like the right side of the sock is *inside* the needles, like it's being built inside-out.  Is that right? Or was I supposed to start purling the whole leg part? I've only done 2 rounds, so it's not a big deal to rip it back, but since I've never watched this sock in progress, it feels like it's wrong.

Any insights? I am having surgery on my spine again on the 20th and it looks like they might have to sever an important nerve to really get the cancer out, but I wanted to have this going so I can keep working my hands. Doc says "use it or lose it."

Thanks bunches!

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I finally finished a few things which I am proud of and also damn happy to have off the needles, so I thought I'd share some photos. As it's rather photo heavy I'll place most of them behind a cut and keep them rather small...

Helix scarf - completed
ABOVE: the purple helix scarf hanging from a doorknob
Photo heavy knitting post behind the cut )

Currently, I'm working on finishing the second diagonal rib sock. I just started a lovely trilobite hat, and there are a few WIPs that I need to dig out of drawers and decide the fate of. Will I ever make this thing, or should it be frogged? This includes a hat for my grandmother which I do want to finish at some point. Although part of me just wants to make her socks instead...

cross-posted to my own journal
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I've just re-learnt how to knit, having made nothing since the ghastly scarflike object I made at age 8 and then bootees for three newborn relatives at wide intervals over the next couple of decades. I'd bought some hand-knitted socks and I love them so much I want to make myself some more, so in the last week I've been learning the magic loop method and making a pair of toe-up heelless spiral ribbed socks which I'm extremely excited about. Yay me!

Having used up that wool, though, I'm keen to keep knitting. I'm staying with my mother-in-law for a week and she no longer knits, so she gave me her leftover wool to do what I like with. However everything she had was acrylic and I'm somewhat rabid about only wearing natural fibres, especially on my feet, so socks are out. Can anyone point me to some patterns for non-wearable items I can make out of the acrylic? Maybe tea cosies or, I don't know, ipod cosies and things? Something fast and fun.

I don't know much about wool weights (DK, 8-ply, worsted... it's all Greek to me) and there are no labels on the balls, but it looks fairly thick. My only available needle is a 3.5mm circular so I hope it'll work for what I have to knit with. And I'm at pretty basic skill level: I can knit, purl, increase, decrease, and look up stitches on Youtube. What things can I make while I'm staying here?

ETA: [personal profile] vampirefan suggested toys -- I have a half-grown cat who will bite and fight my fluffy scarf any chance he gets, so I'll try making him a cat toy or two! Even I should be able to make something up without a pattern: magic loop method, little ring, increase, decrease, stuff and add tassels. He'll love it.

sock help?

May. 5th, 2011 09:17 pm
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So I'm working on a pair of socks, and I'm still new enough at socks that I'm not sure if this is a glitch in the pattern or if I'm not reading it correctly, or what.

Pattern is "Just Yer Basic Sport Sock" (ravelry link to pattern).

I've just gotten to the part where I want to start the heel flap ... and it says:
The heel flap is worked over the first 24 (28) stitches of your round. The other 24 (28) stitches are the instep stitches, which will be held in place on the needles while you knit the heel flap. When you reach the end of your last round for the leg, continue as follows:
Row 1: Knit across 12 (14) stitches. Turn your work – you’ll knit the next row on the wrong side (purl bumps) of the sock.
Row 2: Slip first stitch purlwise, purl across remaining 23 (27) stitches. (You’ll be working back across the first and fourth needles of your round.) Turn your work – you’ll be knitting on the right side again on the next row.

If I'm reading this correctly, you knit your first needle, then turn around and purl your first and fourth needles. Wouldn't that make the heel just *slightly* imbalanced, having that extra row on needle 1?
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My mom wanted socks for her birthday. She's a knitter herself but she really doesn't like knitting socks. I had just bought Knit.Sock.Love by Cookie A and thought hey, I think I can actually knit socks that aren't just plain ribbing/stockinette. So I knit her a pair of Monkeys. I totally loved the pattern and now have this goal of knitting every pattern in that book and in Sock Innovation. Right now, I have Rick from Sock Innovations on the needles.


Nov. 27th, 2010 05:58 pm
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I did it!!
My very first pair of socks! That actually fit! (I am not counting the crochet ones that are like humongous mukluks I wear around the house.)

So happy! Let me show you it!

Aren't they pretty?
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I've got cotton yarn and needles and I'm ready to knit my first sock. Except that I'm kinda overwhelmed by the choice available, so could you recommend a good beginner's pattern?

I've only one circular needle, but on the other hand, I actually like double-pointed needles (actually I like them better :D).

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I started my first cabling project last night.  It is so very cool.  I'm going to want to cable everything for a while.  The project is cabled baby socks and I am using an organic, undyed, cotton yarn

Cabling!  It's my new thing. 

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Things I have learned so far today in the process of beginning my first toe-up sock:

- Judy's Magic Cast On is pretty easy, but dividing it onto 4 DPNs opened up a small hole in the center of the toe. Nothing I can't sew up later, but an annoyance nonetheless. I think to avoid this in the future, I'll have to knit the first few rounds of the toe on 2 needles.

- If your idea of Needle 1 is not the same as the pattern's idea of Needle 1, chances are you will end up with increases perpendicular to the cast on row instead of parallel. As soon as I figured out what I had done, I just reoriented instead of ripping out and starting over, but between that and the hole, my half-finished toe sure does look interesting.

- If the suggested increase stitch involves wrapping the yarn opposite the way you're used to, you will get confused and start wrapping all the stitches the opposite way, leaving them twisted on the needle.

- If you have a ton of twisted stitches, you don't have to untwist them; you can just knit through the back of the loop, and they will untwist as they drop.

... I think I'm ready to do something else for a while.
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Any tips for blocking socks? I just finished my first pair. :)

The yarn I used is 50% Acrylic, 40% Wool, 10% Nylon.

My previous attempts at blocking things have consisted of getting them wet, pinning them, and letting them air dry. But pinning socks seems suboptimal...

sock club!

Jan. 8th, 2010 06:48 pm
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Hi knitters! I just wanted to let you all know about a sock club we're starting up on Dreamwidth - [community profile] dwsockclub. We've just picked a first pattern, and will be probably taking two months or so to work on it before picking the next.

Come join in if you're interested!
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OK, I have too many works in progress.

picspam below the cut )

That's too many, right? And I didn't even count the two I don't have pics of. *sigh*

PS: all patterns etc are linked from my Rav project page

Sock FO

May. 21st, 2009 08:48 pm
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I'm in Sock Wars IV. Just finished my first kill. I like the pattern (Air Raid)

Read more... )



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