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Question about sweater pattern alteration here:

I tend to pick patterns to pieces and combine the bits I like. I'm planning to knit caramel, which is a top-down cardigan that's got a lot of positive ease and is very drape-y, using some Malabrigo rastita and DK/light worsted handspun that's a mix of silk and wool.

My main question is, aside from me having to do math, is there a structural problem with me knitting in a looser gauge than the pattern calls for?

The pattern calls for 22 sts / 4 inches, and I just feel that because the yarn I have is very woolen and floofy, at that gauge it will be Too Stiff. Also, because chronic pain + hot flashes all the time, light weight cardigans are really more my style anyway.

I know for socks and things a looser gauge means you're more likely to get holes, and obviously it will be cooler (which I want). But other than that, is there any reason not to do it? I also know that because I'm using a lot of single ply, there will be Pilling Issues, but I can deal.

I knit a swatch with a gauge of 18 sts / 4 inches and I really like the way the fabric looks and drapes and feels so if there is not a problem other than those listed above, I will probably just go with that.


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OK, so I finally got the gauge I was aiming for with the darn lovely rainbow yarn. It really knits up quite prettily. Unstretched it is 30 sts/4 in (7.5 sts/in) on #0s, stretched it is 26 sts/4 in (6.5 sts/in). I decided I would just use the Yarn Harlot's Basic Sock Pattern from Knitting Rules, and since it appeared I had gotten the same gauge as her, I would "cheat" and use the pre-written pattern. It's basically a top-down heel gussett pattern.

I should mention that I have an issue with socks I knit falling down. I don't know if that's because my ankles seem to be larger (due to swelling) than other peoples' or what. They range from 10"-10.5" depending on swelling. Whenever I have knit 1" less based on unstretched gauge, the socks fall down (usually because health is also doing better and then the ankles are too big also). So it's sort of a hit-and-miss thing.

For the Yarn Harlot's pattern, she says:
"This standard pair of socks will fit the average woman. They are a gauge of 7.5 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch."
And call for you to cast on 64 stitches.

I figured if they didn't fit me they would fit someone and maybe I could auction them off to benefit some queer organization or some such.

64 stitches/7.5=about 8.5 inches around your ankle, which seemed appropriate for me

Except I got a horrible sinking feeling when I started knitting, because it seemed too big. So for once I did something sensible and inserted a lifeline, took the half inch of cuff off the needles, and tried it on. It fell down.

It's about 9.5" around. I'm guessing that the Yarn Harlot is using her "slightly stretched" gauge, which she mentions as being useful several pages earlier in the chapter. So in that case, I should cast on 6.5 sts/in x 8.5" = 55 sts. Right? Please tell me I am doing maths right? Does this seem like a reasonable number that will not completely cut off circulation in my ankle? (Except I want an even number so I'd probably go up to 56...)

Or should I aim for a 9" cuff and go for 6.5 sts x 9" = 58 sts...


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I'm trying to figure out how to measure gauge for 1x1 rib, and I'm running into issues figuring out what to do with the stretch. Should I measure it stretched, compacted, or loosely together on the needle?

If it makes any difference, this is for a hat (pattern: Greentrelac Beret) -- only my second time doing a hat, and I didn't have to measure gauge for the first one, so I'm not sure how to go about this one now.
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Perhaps not on a scarf, but certainly on a garment.

two scarves, side by side, with a ruler showing one is five inches wide and the other six inches

These were both knitted with the same yarn (Noro Silk Garden Lite) and the same needles (size 8 Addi Turbos). [personal profile] synecdochic knit the one on the left and I did the one on the right. As you can see, I'm a loose, loose woman knitter: my scarf is 20% wider than hers.



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