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Last year, could best be described - from a knitting perspective - as the year of projects started and never finished. I spent most of the first 6 months of last year working on one project, an enjoyable but slow-moving fair isle, double-thickness - ie. knit in the round - scarf. Before getting distracted by other projects. Which is probably a good thing, otherwise I might never have actually got anything but that finished last year. The second half of the year was marked by me having a bad case of 'oooh shiny' and starting lots of different projects, most of which I never actually finished. I realised when I started making this post that I actually only finished 3 objects last year. Admittedly one of those was a large chunky cardigan, but that was actually a really satisfyingly quick knit that I made in about 6 weeks.

This year I've set myself the target of finishing five projects I'd already started. Some are big projects (like the fair isle double-thickness scarf) and others are small (like the socks where I'm half-way through the second sock of a pair, but have mislaid it somewhere in the house...). Some are relatively new (currently working on a cushion cover that I started over Xmas) and others have been sitting half knitted for considerably longer (there's that lovely lacey jumper that I started in 2008). So there's quite a variety of projects to pick from. I just need to resist the urge to cast on something new...

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As promised, here are pictures of the amigurumi dog. I do not recommend the pattern, as you knit all the separate pieces and then sew them and stuff them and then sew them together. I suppose it's good if you like sewing, which I do, but I somehow don't like it as much in combination with knitting. Too many steps. I kept thinking, "Elizabeth Zimmerman would not approve of this pattern. She would have come up with some way to make it all in one piece."

It is very cute, though, and I hope my nephew likes it. It is part of my devious plan to make him like dogs. Currently dogs are his favorite animal, so I think it is working.
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Pattern is here if you are feeling masochistic. You will note that I opted not to embroider paw pads on the arms and legs because I was fed up at that point and wanted to be done.

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In particular, I am hooked on this particular pattern. Be forewarned that it does not include the garter stitch border in the pattern, so you should account for that. But if you make it 3 sts on either side, it will still fit within the given stitch count parameters.

I have knit three of the aforementioned dishcloth so far, two in a solid red and one in an ombre. I don't have a photo of the ombre yet, but I think it might be a bit busy so I recommend going with the solid. (Although it is kind of fun, but still, I prefer the solid).
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If you are interested in what patterns I used, you can find them on my Ravelry page (same username as on dreamwidth).

gail shawl

Feb. 15th, 2012 11:00 am
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i started this shawl in march of 2011 and it got worked on occasionally while i finished various other projects but i'm finally done! and OMG I ONLY HAD ABOUT 12 - 15 INCHES OF YARN LEFT OVER! although i had done my best to measure/estimate how much yarn i would be using toward the end of the project, i was so worried that i had calculated wrong so i was freaking out as i finished binding off, watching that tiny ball of yarn get tinier and tinier, but it worked out perfectly! \o/

i love the subtle variegated colors and it works out perfectly for this lacy design. you can see my project notes and more pictures here: (or you can click on the picture to visit flickr and see the pictures in full size). i plan on getting more pictures of it off of the blocking wires.

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I finally finished a few things which I am proud of and also damn happy to have off the needles, so I thought I'd share some photos. As it's rather photo heavy I'll place most of them behind a cut and keep them rather small...

Helix scarf - completed
ABOVE: the purple helix scarf hanging from a doorknob
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Currently, I'm working on finishing the second diagonal rib sock. I just started a lovely trilobite hat, and there are a few WIPs that I need to dig out of drawers and decide the fate of. Will I ever make this thing, or should it be frogged? This includes a hat for my grandmother which I do want to finish at some point. Although part of me just wants to make her socks instead...

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