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I'm what's called a slow knitter... In the case of these items though, slow took on a whole new meaning. They were both part done projects for more than two years. But no Longer! I have finally finished them and in time for a friend who's expecting a baby in the New Year.

One was a simple baby jumper in white with patches of pink, green, purple and blue with a simple cable up the front and two stripes where the knit becomes purl to create a relief pattern (Is there a technical term for that?)

White Baby Jumper

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The second sock is up to the heel flap, as I started it while I was working on the other sock.

And I even wrote down what I did, so hopefully it's something I can replicate. Apparently swatching three times was worth it.
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Yarn: Shibui Knits Sock, colorway: Spectrum

Thank you everyone who helped out with the great What Needle Should I Use Crisis earlier on...I am *so* excited about these socks you have no idea. Back to work on the other one!

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Finished the baby blanket! I've spent the last three nights frantically working because my friend Meaghan (whose sister is having the baby) is going down to Georgia next week and will be able to take the blanket when she goes. Last night (well, this morning about 3 a.m.) I finally finished it. As a side note, my hands were swollen and painful when I finished, and the numb part of my left hand (unrelated) was worse. So I'm taking a couple of days off from knitting to let my anatomy get less angry.

That said, I've just washed and blocked the blanket and it is currently laid out on my kitchen counter with a fan blowing on it. pic! )


The dimensions are approx. 29" wide by approx 42" tall.

ETA I forgot to mention: I was very surprised by how large this turned out to be. I measured it some while it was on the needles, and I thought I had about 27" of width - but I was measuring the side that turned out to be 42"! It's much bigger than I expected - but that's a good thing! :) I think I may actually write up a pattern for this.
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As promised, here are pictures of the amigurumi dog. I do not recommend the pattern, as you knit all the separate pieces and then sew them and stuff them and then sew them together. I suppose it's good if you like sewing, which I do, but I somehow don't like it as much in combination with knitting. Too many steps. I kept thinking, "Elizabeth Zimmerman would not approve of this pattern. She would have come up with some way to make it all in one piece."

It is very cute, though, and I hope my nephew likes it. It is part of my devious plan to make him like dogs. Currently dogs are his favorite animal, so I think it is working.
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Pattern is here if you are feeling masochistic. You will note that I opted not to embroider paw pads on the arms and legs because I was fed up at that point and wanted to be done.

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When I started knitting I rather despised scarves, as they take so long. I am now working on one that is taking *forever* because it is in lace weight and I've done the pattern before, but I'm perservering because it is gorgeous. The other one I've started is quite enjoyable, because it goes by so quickly in comparison. I started in on Friday and it's already half the length of the scarf I've been working on for *months*.

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Sometime I'll get around to photographing the amigurumi dog I knit for my nephew.
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I finally finished a few things which I am proud of and also damn happy to have off the needles, so I thought I'd share some photos. As it's rather photo heavy I'll place most of them behind a cut and keep them rather small...

Helix scarf - completed
ABOVE: the purple helix scarf hanging from a doorknob
Photo heavy knitting post behind the cut )

Currently, I'm working on finishing the second diagonal rib sock. I just started a lovely trilobite hat, and there are a few WIPs that I need to dig out of drawers and decide the fate of. Will I ever make this thing, or should it be frogged? This includes a hat for my grandmother which I do want to finish at some point. Although part of me just wants to make her socks instead...

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