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Did we ever have a post to gush about the yarn swap this year? (I couldn't find one.)

Anyone mind if we declare this post the Yarn Swap 2011 gushing post? Comment and tell us about how the swap was for you!

(I want to gush, can you tell?)

EDIT: The magnanimous [profile] sporkyrat has authorized me to create a yarn swap gushing post! Since this post has some excited gushers already, let's make it this one! Tell us about what you sent, what you got, and what you're planning to knit!
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Okay! I have everyone who opted in to the yarnswap this year.

Now, I need addresses to send to people and YOU need to leave comments on THIS POST on what you cannot have (i.e., wool allergies, pet free/smoke free, etc). I know some of you listed that when you opted in and I made a note of it, but it's always best to have further documentation.

You can either email me your addresses (that's or you can PM me.

I'll send out pairings by 10 December (I know, five days later than last year) so get me those addresses!
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Okay, dear knitters, it's down to the wire.

Anyone else up for Yarn Swap 2011? Tomorrow's the very last day to sign up before I ask for addresses and start matching.

It's lots of fun and you never know if you might get [personal profile] afuna!
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Since last year was such a success, does anyone want to try the Yarn Swap again?

PS, [personal profile] afuna, I'm sure someone would be more than happy to send you yarn if for no other reason than the shiny new update page.
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So, have you sent out your yarn? Has anyone received any?

I know a couple of people have been curious if their yarn has been received, so let's find out!
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Guess what, folks! Today you'll be receiving your partners! I'll be sending them out by PM, but I'm going to leave this post for everyone to say what they can and can't have - for example, if you've got a wool allergy, post it down here.

Everyone ready?

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With 30 participants, the 2010 Yarn Swap is CLOSED. If you're in it (and you know who you are!) I'll be getting your partner's information to you within the next couple of days. I'd say Friday, but I've got a doctor's appointment. Yay knitting time, though?

Start rummaging!
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So far there's 17 participants, some from the Crochet Side of the Weave, some from the Knitting Side of the Weave.

The Swap is open until 30 November 2010, so feel free to join us!

rules! well, not rules so much as limits and requests? )

I think that's it. Anyone have any questions or comments?

Yarn Swap

Nov. 20th, 2010 10:26 am
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Anybody else interested in a yarn swap for the 'End of the Year' Festivities?

Swapping out a skein or ball of yarn with someone else is always entertaining, really, and a good chance to try out something new! (Or get rid of that yarn you can't remember what you bought it for.....)

Come give it a try!
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I know it's a bit odd, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a yarn swap for the 'winter' holiday of your choice.

If there's interest, I'd be happy to work up a list of conditions, rules, whatnot.



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