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I'm what's called a slow knitter... In the case of these items though, slow took on a whole new meaning. They were both part done projects for more than two years. But no Longer! I have finally finished them and in time for a friend who's expecting a baby in the New Year.

One was a simple baby jumper in white with patches of pink, green, purple and blue with a simple cable up the front and two stripes where the knit becomes purl to create a relief pattern (Is there a technical term for that?)

White Baby Jumper

Cut for further projects and pictures )
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What are your go-to patterns when you learn that someone you care about is expecting?

Bonus points for DK weight, since I found a bunch of DK baby yarn on clearance recently. :)

I've made simple hats with decent results and once improvised a blanket that I was pleased with, but I've never done anything more complicated. I have four months, though, which is plenty of time to try different things.
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So I wrote up the pattern for my baby blanket and uploaded it to Ravelry as a free download. If you'd like to have it, here's the link:

I would actually appreciate any feedback that anyone is willing to give, as in if it is clear and easy to understand and so forth.

I also added a note on the bottom of the pattern in response to someone claiming that my cast-on numbers were a typo. Hopefully it doesn't come across as too snarky. :D
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Finished the baby blanket! I've spent the last three nights frantically working because my friend Meaghan (whose sister is having the baby) is going down to Georgia next week and will be able to take the blanket when she goes. Last night (well, this morning about 3 a.m.) I finally finished it. As a side note, my hands were swollen and painful when I finished, and the numb part of my left hand (unrelated) was worse. So I'm taking a couple of days off from knitting to let my anatomy get less angry.

That said, I've just washed and blocked the blanket and it is currently laid out on my kitchen counter with a fan blowing on it. pic! )


The dimensions are approx. 29" wide by approx 42" tall.

ETA I forgot to mention: I was very surprised by how large this turned out to be. I measured it some while it was on the needles, and I thought I had about 27" of width - but I was measuring the side that turned out to be 42"! It's much bigger than I expected - but that's a good thing! :) I think I may actually write up a pattern for this.
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of startitis, I bring to you my improvised baby blanket!

pictures! )

I note now that I should have added a couple of extra rows to the long border, as 5 stitches is clearly thicker than 5 rows. But I didn't realize at the time, so it's just going to have to have a wider border at the sides than on the ends. *shrug*

When I'm done, I want to write up a pattern for it. I think it's going to be very, very nice. :D The yarn is Bernat Softee Baby in "Baby Denim Marle" and it's sooooooooooo soft. It's an absolute joy to knit with.
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Does anyone have suggestions for baby-related things for one scheduled to arrive late-june-ish in a hot/humid climate? My usual blankets would probably be too warm.


Nov. 2nd, 2010 09:00 am
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I'm not officially participating in NaKniMo (Ravelry link) but I thought I would use the opportunity to get some projects completed and work on some others that I may or may not be able to complete.  Does anyone want to join me?

To be completed:
1) Scarf for my grandmother's birthday.  Needs tassels.
2) Dishcloth that I found this morning that has been bound off.  Just needs ends woven in. Finished Nov 2
3) Add snaps to baby bib.

To work on:
1) Scarf for barter.  Made with silk sari yarn.  Worked on it yesterday and today. 
2) Baby blanket.

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I started my first cabling project last night.  It is so very cool.  I'm going to want to cable everything for a while.  The project is cabled baby socks and I am using an organic, undyed, cotton yarn

Cabling!  It's my new thing. 

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I've joined the 52 Projects in 52 Weeks challenge group on Ravelry and we've had to post up our game plan for June. (Challenge starts on June 1.) plan for June:
  1. Nintendo DS case
  2. Scarf for Ally
  3. spin/ply 4 oz of stashed fiber
  4. dreamerknits’ heart and stars blanket - WIP rescue

The whole thing is probably wishful thinking for me, but oh well. Worth a shot :)



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