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Last year, could best be described - from a knitting perspective - as the year of projects started and never finished. I spent most of the first 6 months of last year working on one project, an enjoyable but slow-moving fair isle, double-thickness - ie. knit in the round - scarf. Before getting distracted by other projects. Which is probably a good thing, otherwise I might never have actually got anything but that finished last year. The second half of the year was marked by me having a bad case of 'oooh shiny' and starting lots of different projects, most of which I never actually finished. I realised when I started making this post that I actually only finished 3 objects last year. Admittedly one of those was a large chunky cardigan, but that was actually a really satisfyingly quick knit that I made in about 6 weeks.

This year I've set myself the target of finishing five projects I'd already started. Some are big projects (like the fair isle double-thickness scarf) and others are small (like the socks where I'm half-way through the second sock of a pair, but have mislaid it somewhere in the house...). Some are relatively new (currently working on a cushion cover that I started over Xmas) and others have been sitting half knitted for considerably longer (there's that lovely lacey jumper that I started in 2008). So there's quite a variety of projects to pick from. I just need to resist the urge to cast on something new...

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I'm what's called a slow knitter... In the case of these items though, slow took on a whole new meaning. They were both part done projects for more than two years. But no Longer! I have finally finished them and in time for a friend who's expecting a baby in the New Year.

One was a simple baby jumper in white with patches of pink, green, purple and blue with a simple cable up the front and two stripes where the knit becomes purl to create a relief pattern (Is there a technical term for that?)

White Baby Jumper

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I bought some gorgeous buttons a little while ago - they are polished and shiny ammonites in glorious browns and greys! My best friend used to be a geologist, and I have in mind knitting a cardigan for her, using these buttons. The cardi will probably be honey-coloured or something like a dull cream.

I did find a pattern for a cardi with a giant ammonite-like spiral, and I'm quite interested, but I won't have my best friend around to fit it to while I knit! Also, I'm a bit wary of turning it into a cardigan, although apparently this is a thing that can be done. And I'm having problem finding a yarn for this - ideally I'd want a cream with some variation in it, but not too much… the main drama is in the buttons, and a too-dramatic yarn would detract.

I've since been looking through Ravelry, and found some seamless designs (I hate sewing!) which I like the look of:


Simple Cardigan #168



My friend is mid-50s, about 5'3", bust probably about 40"-42". I'm looking to knit something in DK or worsted, definitely not heavier than Aran weight because the buttons are not large, but not 4-ply or smaller because life is too short as it is. I want it to be interesting, but not fiendishly complicated….

My request is this: I'm not yet very experienced at figuring out what might be a good or a bad idea with regard to pattern choice! So I'm looking for advice—can you see potential problems with these patterns? What looks like the most fun to knit and wear? Any recommendations?
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So last night I was gifted 750 yards of Malabrigo Silky Merino. Yay! It had been sitting in someone's stash for a year and they thought I could make more use of it I guess. Anywho, I would like to make a cardigan out of it - probably with short sleeves given the yardage and because the colors are hard to match.

I am thinking of making Knitty's Amiga cardigan, which calls for 2 skeins of 437 yards (874 yards) each for sizes small, medium, and large. I would like to knit size medium. I think probably going to be knitting shorter sleeves to compensate for any difference in yardage, unless the pattern is just really non-specific because of how big the balls of yarn are given in the pattern.

Here's my question: the pattern is a seamless design, and calls for one to knit the body, then the sleeves, then the button bands. Is there any reason why I couldn't knit the body, then the button bands, then divide what yarn I had left into two equal amounts and knit the sleeves until I ran out of yarn/decided they were long enough?

Thank you in advance for any responses!

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It's a nice bright day here, so I took the opportunity to get a picture of my latest knitting project and thought, well its high time I made a post about my holiday knitting. But one of my bits of holiday knitting was finished months and months ago and I couldn't remember if I'd posted about it. So I went looking back throught the posts to see if I'd posted about it...and then kept going further back in search of a post by me and discovered that I'd not posted here since this time last year when I made my last 'holiday knitting' post... *headdesk* so this is a larger than expected FO post because I have all of last year to cover...

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here's the excellently written pattern -

i'm working on two 40 in circulars (knit picks zephyrs, size 8), with a needle tip on one end and a cute round end cap on the other - so it's like using  two independent 40 in long needles ~grin~

makes it much easier to smooth the fabric out for admiring and trying on, now that it's not all bunched up

*yarn is Valley Yarns Colrain by Webs ( - i got my 18 skein lot from a very generous raveler



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