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The door to my lounge is mostly glass, and through it I get an interesting, distorted view of white/beige, with highlights of orange and black. For a long time, I've been thinking about knitting something using this colour combination, and last month, I actually got around to it.

cut for large pic )
It's entrelac, with a newly joined yarn for each segment, and was intended as a stashbuster—it did quite well in using up a bunch of not-quite-whites, particularly when I decided to fringe it. I started my knitting life as a disciple of Kaffe Fassett, so my stash is a huge collection of one-off balls... I should probably have made the dark patch a little bit larger, but I didn't make a plan, just made it up as I went along, and it turned out pretty well.

Now, of course, I don't know what to do with it!
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Which is a fun shawl and very quick if you knit in worsted/aran-ish yarn on US #10 needles. I did it in four days, which is just about right for holiday knitting. Photos and info on how I modded it are on my journal, but here's a teaser from when I was working on it...

Wingspan WIP close-up
shawl made from overlapping triangles, in this case purple-pink variegated and pink Malabrigo
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I just finished knitting Color Affection, which I know most people do in a lot of different colors...however, I picked lots of shades of blue with some variegations of purple and green mixed in. Why? (1) Stashbusting. (2) Zomg blue is my favorite color and it will match a lot of my wardrobe. (I did end up buying the third color, because I couldn't find a set of three that matched in my stash.)

Enough talking. Moar knitting picturez!

Color Affection
Color Affection shawl in blues being modeled by yours truly, front view
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Note that I was unable to get gauge, despite swatching twice. Apparently when I knit large, heavier objects it really messes with my gauge, and I don't know how to compensate for this.

It's a fun knit, I got to practice carrying yarn and learned the difference between "make 1 right" and "make 1 left". (Side note: if you do make this, it does take a concerted effort to have your make 1's be loose while you're carrying the yarn. This is worth the effort.)


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gail shawl

Feb. 15th, 2012 11:00 am
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i started this shawl in march of 2011 and it got worked on occasionally while i finished various other projects but i'm finally done! and OMG I ONLY HAD ABOUT 12 - 15 INCHES OF YARN LEFT OVER! although i had done my best to measure/estimate how much yarn i would be using toward the end of the project, i was so worried that i had calculated wrong so i was freaking out as i finished binding off, watching that tiny ball of yarn get tinier and tinier, but it worked out perfectly! \o/

i love the subtle variegated colors and it works out perfectly for this lacy design. you can see my project notes and more pictures here: (or you can click on the picture to visit flickr and see the pictures in full size). i plan on getting more pictures of it off of the blocking wires.

on to the pictures! )
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The computer screen was the handiest light - and lighting this fabric from the back shows its particular character nicely.
For more details:  That Knitting Blog
Next month you can see my work in person in Woodstock in the guild show Byrdcliffe by Design
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Mohair, silk, linen fine yarns.
For details:  That Knitting Blog
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Seed stitch, wool yarn wrapped in nylon fuzzy yarn, size 8 aluminum needles 
For more details: That Knitting Blog
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I bought this book on Friday at my local independent book store and have been sitting with it for the past few days just browsing.  I was ready for some inspiration and this fits the bill.  I haven't tried any of the patterns, so I can't comment on their quality, but I enjoy the photography, which does a fairly good job of showing the pieces.  There are also schematic graphics of all the shapes, which I find essential in order to actually enjoy the patterns.

The one thing that I don't enjoy so much is the word "shawlette".  I've been putting up with capelet for a few years now, so I'm used to it and only mildly annoyed when I have to repeat that word over and over again to people who ask: "what are you making"?  But I'm also switching to say "a short poncho" instead of "a capelet". Then people merely get a vague idea of a somewhat out of date style of garment. I just don't like the sound of the word shawlette, and people who aren't into knitting will have no idea what it means anyway.

*sigh* oh well.  The book is a delight, and I'd recommend it if you like looking at diminutive wraps .   8^)

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Mohair and railroad yarns - my favorite combination!
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It's been a long time since I saw a pattern & cast on the next day, but I fell in love with the Dragon Wing Shawl in Knitty's First Fall collection.   Thanks to whomever posted that First Fall was out!  :)  The day after I saw it happened to be payday so I took off after work & bought the yarn & cast on as soon as I got home. And today it's all finished & blocked & everything! I don't have any pix of it blocked & off the mats because my camera battery chose the exact wrong time to beg to be recharged, but tomorrow I'll have my slave resident photographer snap one or two.

For now, here's the saga of my Dragon Wing Shawl. It took seventeen days & muchmuch fussing & tinking, but now it's done. One sixty degree day would be nice, so I could wear it, but I'll settle for afternoons next week when I'm back to work in the arctic chill.

Pix #1 & #3 are the best representation of the color -- this one was super hard to capture, regardless of where I shot it.  Usually natural light is best, but not always.  Apparently.

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More info here on my Ravelry project page.  Feel free to friend me.  

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I have this marvelous beach blanket. Sure, it's good for the usual blanket-y type things: keeping you warm, drying you off, giving you a place to sit seaside without getting sand up in your pink bits. But that's not what makes this beach blanket so wonderful.

What's special about this blanket is its ability to transform my full-sized daybed into a gigantic grid for blocking lace:

lace shawl pinned out on a bright plaid blanket

Just had to share with people who'd understand my need for a huge blocking grid. My coworkers just gave me blank looks when I tried to explain why this was so very useful.
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I actually finished this shawl (made with this pattern) almost two months ago, but was procrastinating about blocking it for some reason. When my housemate finished hers, we had a "block party" and cleared out the upstairs dining room to pin our shawls. I'm so happy with how it looks post-blocking! I pinned extra points in the middle of the chevrons in order to create this curly-brace-like shape, and I'm glad I did--I hope they stick around over time. I'm not wearing it right now because it was still a little damp when I took it off of the mats (that's OK, right?) and it's currently draped over a chair to dry the rest of the way.

Curly braces!
More pictures behind the cut )

This was the first project I blocked by pinning, and I'm totally a convert. It was also the first semi-complex pattern that I followed (and expanded upon--I added 2 extra repeats).

ETA two notes: first, the color is most accurately shown in the last image--the lighting was very blue this morning (I blame the rain). The yarn is two discontinued colorways of Noro Silk Garden Lite (2013 and 2021, purchased on sale from Webs). Second, I made lots of mistakes while working on this, and I'm really glad they're not apparent in the final product. (Lots of cases of "oh, I need to do an extra decrease/increase this row so that the count is correct".) I especially recommend the pattern for that reason.

ETA2: As I wore the shawl last night, the secondary points mostly retreated, though some of the bands of color near them are still nice and curvy.


Feb. 24th, 2010 01:57 pm
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I've finished my Ravelympics Ishbel shawl! It's now pinned out on the bed, and will shortly be either flipped over and repinned, or (more likely...) covered with another towel so I can steam press it to block it. (It's acrylic - so sue me - so it can't be wet-blocked as normal.)

Pic below cut )


Jan. 20th, 2010 10:10 pm
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Wendy Johnson released her Argus shawlette pattern today (Ravelry link) and I'm really liking the look of it. It would knit up pretty quick as lace projects go, I think, and probably be both a decent first lace project for people and a relaxing project for more experienced laceknitters. Anyone here want to do some kind of informal knitalong? Maybe not have a separate community just for it, but just something here?

Also, until the end of the month, she's donating 50% of the profits from the pattern sales to relief efforts for Haiti, so that's cool.

Damson Mk.2

Dec. 3rd, 2009 01:40 pm
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Having finished it yesterday, I'm now blocking it or attempting to, at least - since it's acrylic, it may not work, though I hope I don't have to try and steam-iron it!

Here be pictures... )
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OK, I have too many works in progress.

picspam below the cut )

That's too many, right? And I didn't even count the two I don't have pics of. *sigh*

PS: all patterns etc are linked from my Rav project page



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