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I have tried a couple different ways and the most successful of the failures was the crochet hook version.

But, I still cannot get it to work right! I cannot see the live stitches that I am supposed to have available to me for when I get back around to them. I detest having to pick up stitches (part of the reason I am not a heel flap fan on socks - I prefer the short row method there) and I want a couple of my projects to be seamless.

I am making an ear warmer and a cowl and I don't want to do a three needle bind off.

Anyone have suggestions on how to "get" a provisional cast-on?
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I just had to share some of the lovely goodies I've been knitting (many of which I improvised). Feel free to friend me on Ravelry, or whatever you call it if it's not "friending." I have the same username.

Anyway, here are some things I've been working on lately:

Still on the needles is a lovely Helix scarf that I'm making in lace weight baby merino yarn on #3 is slow going, but it's great TV knitting and is so lightweight and warm and lovely. Eventually I will finish. Maybe before spring.

Meditation Scarf 1

More behind the heavy )

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I cast on with some Malabrigo that had had an unfortunate tangling accident, so I wasn't too sure how things would turn out. I was initially intending to make a manly ribbed hat until I realized the yarn had a lot of purple hues mixed in with the blues. It ended up being this cowl:

My first cowl

(For basketweave pattern and a close-up of the stitch check out my Flickr stream.)

Which is super duper comfortable, and I am so close to not giving it away. I wore it all afternoon after I finished it. I had some yarn left, so I decided to make a matching headband. I cast on what I thought was 90 stitches (as the pattern requires a multiple of 6). I realized it was actually a multiple of 6 minus 2, but I was curious as to what stitch that would make if I just kept knitting around (and let the pattern rotate around.) It makes this:

What stitch is this?

Which is lovely and super stretchy and I want to make more. (For the curious, it's K4, P2 on a multiple of 6 stitches minus 2. So when you get to the end of the round you start with P2...and keep rotating around. It's fun!)

Unfortunately I had not cast on two less than I needed as I blithely thought (and didn't check for some bizarre reason unknown to me). So I ended up with this:

A counting error

Which is at least 26" long and too big for a human head. But at least I found a new stitch. And now I can rip it out and recast on the correct number of stitches.

Does anyone know what the above stitch is? It's some sort of mistake-stitch-double-seed-stitch something. Any help would be appreciated.


Nov. 2nd, 2010 09:00 am
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I'm not officially participating in NaKniMo (Ravelry link) but I thought I would use the opportunity to get some projects completed and work on some others that I may or may not be able to complete.  Does anyone want to join me?

To be completed:
1) Scarf for my grandmother's birthday.  Needs tassels.
2) Dishcloth that I found this morning that has been bound off.  Just needs ends woven in. Finished Nov 2
3) Add snaps to baby bib.

To work on:
1) Scarf for barter.  Made with silk sari yarn.  Worked on it yesterday and today. 
2) Baby blanket.

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I'm wanting to make hats for my family for Christmas and I'm having trouble find just a simple, plain watchcap/toboggen whatever the hell you call it.   I have been looking on Ravelry (Hi! I'm Gnomerat!) and want some recommendations.  I can handle cables and increases and decreases and ribbing and all that, but my family is a little rough on hats. 

So if anyone has any recommendations (some of them are actually going to be getting those fingerless cabled gloves Fetching), I'd love to know! 



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