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Is anyone looking at the Tour de Sock? Registration is a $7.50 donation to a Doctors Without Borders fundraiser, and you get 7 sock patterns out of the deal. The contest is to knit the socks first or best or within the deadline and earn points, but additionally you can do it as a team, and as long as everyone in the team completes one pair of socks out of the seven on time you're (as a team) in for the prize drawing.

I don't know if I'm completely committed to speed knitting as a contest, but it seems like the sponsor discounts (Miss Babs, for one!) might easily make up the registration cost!

Just the same, anyone else interested? I might be convinced to join a Dreamwidth team...
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My friend is a Rec Therapist at a Children's Rehab Hospital in Washington, DC and is looking for child-size Picc Line Covers and brown (versus white) Medical Play Dolls. Details over at my journal if you are interested.

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One of my housemates alerted me recently to the 2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project, and I thought I'd pass along the information to anyone with an unoccupied set of needles or a hankering to do something charitable.

The project guidelines cover the official yarn and colors of this year's project, as well as the measurement criteria. There are some free patterns linked there as well, but you're invited to use any pattern you'd like, so long as you use the specified yarn brand/colors and meet the correct length/width. The deadlines range from December 16th to March 5th, so there's still plenty of time to participate. Each state's page lists the number of scarves they need/the number they've received (in case you don't have a state in mind and just want to help where you think it will be most needed).

/exposition machine

Personally, I have no love for Red Heart yarns; they're just too scratchy for me, especially for garments worn directly against the skin -- but they're sponsoring it, and it's a requirement that you use the brand. I tried my best to find the "Soft" options, but am starting to suspect you'll have to buy them online if you really want them. (Michaels, by the way, didn't carry the right colors at all; I got mine at Hobby Lobby). On the plus side, it's a crazy-cheap brand, and you get a ton of it. I'll be surprised if I don't get at least two scarves out of the two skeins (one of each color) that I picked up.

The pattern I'm using is a generic striped 1x1 ribbed, and I got most of the specifications from here and modified for width and needle preference. I really thought the bright red/bright blue color scheme would make for the loudest scarf ever, but the two-row stripes seem to subdue it a bit. I'm planning on using the pattern again for my own personal projects; it's reversible (yay!) and stripes without a bajillion ends to weave in once I've finished (yay times infinity!).

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I'm brand new to knitting, but I learned when I got into making chainmail that my ideal project is not one that has an overly firm due date; I'm the sort of person who starts a project, forgets it exists for six months, then finds the supplies buried under a stack of books and sits down to finish the whole thing in two days without sleep. So I'm looking for charity programs that either accept donations continuously or reoccur every year.

I can find a million search results about charity knitting, but some of them (like helmetliners for soldiers) seem to be defunct and others are just hard to judge from their webpages. Does anybody have any organizations they'd recommend?



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