Sep. 14th, 2012 08:49 pm
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I made it!!!

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It was SUPER, SUPER easy. Literally all I did was knit a square, then sew it up according to the directions here. It's in Polish, but if you use Google Chrome, it'll translate the site for you. And also there's a picture with very clear steps that's easy to follow.

I scavenged the fill out of a toy that was won from a claw machine, and it made my hands itch a little bit, but I'm really pleased with the outcome.
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I'm new to knitting and these are my first completed projects

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Background info: I have five nieces and nephews: Squirrel (8), Pipsqueak (5) & Lumpy (14 mos) who are soon to have twin sisters added to the family, as well as Ladybug (10) and Boo(9). I've always loved stuffed animals and been terrible about bothering with things like gauge and needle/yarn sizing that are so important in knitted clothing, so I learned to knit toys for the kids. None of these are from written patterns, I just make them up as I go along, though several of them were inspired by other people's existing creations and do have patterns that make a very similar knitted creature. If you'd like a link to one of the patterns, just ask. I keep the pattern links so as to give credit for my inspiration over on Ravelry.

Squirrel's dad hinted that she might be thrilled to find a knitted snowy owl as her gift this year. I wish I'd planned my knitting time better, this was the second to last of my Christmas knitting and thus was rather rushed. I would have liked to add some speckling and better shaping to the head.
snowy owl side view

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I finally finished the topsy turvy doll I started for my niece about 6 months ago. I also knit a chemo cap and have started (yet another) project - stranded mittens! Well, I'm excited about them anyway :D

Click the clicky to go to my journal post with pictures

smaller sized preview pic of doll:
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So despite the fact I'm a knitting n00b, I've decided to be ambitious and knit a toy for a friend. It's actually coming along well except that it's turning out much too large for my purposes- I'm not sure my friend wants a stuffed animal that is the size of her dog, and also I have to mail it to her. I was wondering if there was an easy(ish) way to reliably reduce the size of a pattern? My brief glance online showed mostly advice for adjusting clothes, and I'm not sure that will help for a toy. The last time I tried to adjust size, I eyeballed it, and it turned out a little... funny. And that was a *much* simpler pattern (this super cute hedgehog, just in case anyone else wants to make one! I recommend it; they're fun to do.)
I'm already knitting on needles smaller than the label recommends so that the stitches will hold stuffing.
If it makes a difference, this (Leo the Lion) is the pattern I'm using.
Thanks in advance!
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Some more knitted toys I've been making lately.

Pig & Cat

more pictures


Mar. 4th, 2010 10:40 pm
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I present to you,

The Cutest Bear In The World

More pictures here...
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Hi everyone! I've decided that I want to knit my mum a pig for her mother's day present (14th March in the UK), so I'm in search of a cute piggy pattern.

I've had a look at some on Ravelry, but does anyone know of any others? I just want to have a few more options so I can pick the perfect one. I'd rather it was a free pattern, but I don't mind paying if it looks like exactly the kind of thing she'd like.

Thank you!



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