Jul. 25th, 2015

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I've been really good these last few years, keeping my stash steady, even managing to do a decent cull last summer. Looking at my Ravelry page, I can see that the vast majority of my knitting over 2013 and 2014 was made from wool I already had in my stash. Probably helped last year by the fact that the only knitting stuff I took with me when I was working away over the summer was a selection of yarn, patterns and equipment for projects I'd already started or was planning for a particular purpose. This year...not so much.

I started off well, I bought some Fine Tweed for some mitts for my gran (knitted them) and I bought enough Fusion for two cardigans (1 knitted, the other about 75% knitted) in the January sales. Then I picked up some more Fine Tweed for another pair of mitts that I'm going to make for my mum and a skein of Harris Tweed wool from the Dingwall Wool Fest. And I gained a ball of King Cole Riot that someone at my knitting bee was destashing. Oh and I bought a skein of beautiful hand-dyed sock wool at Xpo North (I want to learn to knit socks, I thought nice wool would motivate me to learn). Yeah. But altogether not an unsalvagable situation, I just need to not gain any more wool for the rest of the year. And then we had a yarn swap at knitting bee. Because I'd gone for the same trick for this sojourn away as last time, most of my stash (certainly everything I would happily get rid of) is still at my parents. I was sad that I couldn't contribute, but everyone else was delighted they had someone to offload pretty wool on to! The sock wool I can justify, I want to knit socks and the lady who donated the sock wool has committed to teaching me how ("I'd much rather teach you how to knit socks than knit the socks myself" she said...) the odd ball of Noro wool to see if I fall on the love it or hate it side of the line before I shell out for enough wool to make that skirt I've been thinking about makes sense too. The rest of it? Not so much. But hey, pretty pretty wool for free, what's to complain about?! *cuddles wool unrepentantly* Now I just have to find somewhere to store it...
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