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I am currently knitting SweaterBabe's Covetable Cape.It is a lovely pattern, and I cast on with some trepidation as I was watching Downton Abbey Season 4 Christmas Special while knitting a new pattern (i.e. counting, adding stitch markers, etc.) that also included a large cable pattern and two lace sections. It went swimmingly. I even watched about half of X2 and got about 15 rows into the top-down pattern without any major errors. (OK, so perhaps I missed the first row of the button band -- no one will know that kind of thing.)

Then I went to Knit Night -- the place where I tend to get tons of knitting done -- and things went downhill quickly. I purled where I should have knit on the cables; I lost track of where I was on the lace and cable charts even though I was marking it down on the pattern (somehow that didn't match up to my actual knitting); I dropped stitches; in attempting to fix things everything got worse. My attempts to insert a lifeline were very frustrating.

Yesterday I finally yanked out the needle and re-cast on. I decided to try watching Tin Man, a fantasy miniseries about Oz. Again, things went swimmingly (except somehow the cable is now on a garter stitch background instead of reverse stockinette, but that's less annoying to knit, so I'm good with that as it still looks great.)

Today I sat down with the Madonna Pandora station on, and I tried knitting the next row. Just the next row. It took about 20 minutes to get through the first lace section (somehow I had one too many stitches, I could not figure out why, eventually I fixed it with the time honored tradition of knitting two together ;) ). Then I got to the cable section, and OMFG. I dropped a stitch, found it, tinked agonizingly back (tinking is not kind in cables), knit again...and there was another dropped stitch. Found it, tinked back again, the same thing happend.

At this point I yelled (literally) at my knitting that if it didn't behave it was going in the closet for a week while I knit hats. From handspun. So there.

I fixed the dropped stitch (which took time, it was cantankerous), and finished the row with no further problems.

This seems very odd to me, because it's completely opposite of my usual knitting experience. TV = mistakes ; knitting people = progress; late nights = waking up in the morning to regret and bizarre knitting errors and wondering what the heck I did the night before.

I can only draw one conclusion from this turn of events:

My knitting has gained sentience, and it (she?) enjoys late nights and watching geeky TV. To optimize the knitting of this project, I should take her to the new Captain America movie and leave an assortment of comic books in my knitting bag for when I'm not able to knit.

That way, we'll both be happy. And there'll be no need for closet exile.
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Hi all. Knitting etiquette question.

I recently made myself a shawl (see here). It's green and spiky and I love it quite a lot.

Was wearing it today and a person (nice person, want to remain on good terms with this person) also liked it a lot and asked me to knit her one. She was serious about this and offered to buy yarn for it there and then.

I want to say 'no' because I don't want to spend another month knitting the exact same pattern in the same yarn. I don't get as much knitting time as I would like (I mainly knit while commuting), and would rather use the time I have selfishly on projects of my choosing.

This person is very generous and has given me yarngifts in the past (she knits herself, so must understand the time and work involved). I don't want to say 'no' but I really don't want to knit a shawl for her. Any ideas how to proceed while maintaining a good relationship?

There may be an obvious gracious solution I'm overlooking but can be a bit socially clueless at times.
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I'm genderqueer, and one of my vague New Year's sort-of resolutions was to try to be more out with presenting as male when I feel male. I'm sure I remember seeing a pattern for a knit packer somewhere back in the day. I'd like to try it if I can. Money's pretty tight for me right now but I have plenty of yarn. I'm sort of paranoid about having to have the "well, I'm not exactly a girl or a boy" conversation with my family before I'm ready as well, and knit boy parts seem to have more plausible deniability ("ha ha, it's joke knitting! Funny, funny joke knitting!") than stuff you can buy online, which looks exactly like what it's meant to be.

When I look at patterns on Ravelry, I can only find one crocheted soft packer. I don't know how to do much more than a single crochet. Knitting would be much easier for me. When I look on Google though, I can't find anything useful amid the sea of Green Bay Packers knits. Does anyone know if something like what I'm looking for exists?
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Hi, all! Reposting this from my own journal:

So, I have been working on these twisted rib socks since May. By which I mostly mean on the second sock, which I have had to rip out and start over twice, and now I've found a mistake which means I'll need to do it a third time. And of course I am bored and frustrated, which just makes me more likely to make mistakes. I want to move on to a new project, but I know that if I do I will never actually finish this sock. And I want to!

And I thought, this is the internet. I cannot possibly be the only person in this situation.

So-- would anyone out there like to do a second sock exchange with me? As in, I will send you my pattern, the yarn, and sock number one; you send me the same for your stalled socks, and we each swatch out the other's gauge and knit the other's second sock. Which, for each of us, will be a First Sock, and therefore exciting and new and not just a reminder of terrible knitting mistakes!

(If multiple people are interested, a round robin exchange could also be arranged.)

(Also, if you're just going to suggest I ask around on Ravelry, please don't-- I've never used it for anything but looking at patterns, and I don't want to create an identity there just for this.)
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I'm currently working on a rather epic double-knit blanket project (81 double knit squares! 53 with designs on them!) I really am adoring double knitting, and would love to talk more about it, but I'm also really enjoying the process of finding and modifying and creating charts that suit the project.

I just put up three posts in my own journal with more about the process:
- Master post that includes links to the current squares
- About double knitting
- About the design process

Glad to talk here or on those posts more.
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Am I being overly ambitious (or wasteful with my money) if I get the Try It KnitPicks set of interchangeable needles?

It would make me feel more like a Serious Knitter. (But am I a Serious Knitter? Jury's still out.)

The project I'm working on right now needs at least a 47" size 7 circular needle - I've pretty much shoved as many stitches as possible on my existing 29".
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I'm making progress on finishing some of the WIPs I found when I organized my stash. My goal is to get all my WIPs finished before I start anything new (that probably won't last as I'll feel the need to cast on something new). So far this year, I've completed 2 pairs of socks started over a year ago, a scarf/shawl also started over a year ago (more like a year and a half) and have found other socks started but not finished. I finished a first sock of a pair today and cast on for the second. I'm making myself finish the socks before I begin work on any shawls. Added bonus-it'll free up some of my circular needles and also some of my DPNs!
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I'm what's called a slow knitter... In the case of these items though, slow took on a whole new meaning. They were both part done projects for more than two years. But no Longer! I have finally finished them and in time for a friend who's expecting a baby in the New Year.

One was a simple baby jumper in white with patches of pink, green, purple and blue with a simple cable up the front and two stripes where the knit becomes purl to create a relief pattern (Is there a technical term for that?)

White Baby Jumper

Cut for further projects and pictures )
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I bought some gorgeous buttons a little while ago - they are polished and shiny ammonites in glorious browns and greys! My best friend used to be a geologist, and I have in mind knitting a cardigan for her, using these buttons. The cardi will probably be honey-coloured or something like a dull cream.

I did find a pattern for a cardi with a giant ammonite-like spiral, and I'm quite interested, but I won't have my best friend around to fit it to while I knit! Also, I'm a bit wary of turning it into a cardigan, although apparently this is a thing that can be done. And I'm having problem finding a yarn for this - ideally I'd want a cream with some variation in it, but not too much… the main drama is in the buttons, and a too-dramatic yarn would detract.

I've since been looking through Ravelry, and found some seamless designs (I hate sewing!) which I like the look of:


Simple Cardigan #168



My friend is mid-50s, about 5'3", bust probably about 40"-42". I'm looking to knit something in DK or worsted, definitely not heavier than Aran weight because the buttons are not large, but not 4-ply or smaller because life is too short as it is. I want it to be interesting, but not fiendishly complicated….

My request is this: I'm not yet very experienced at figuring out what might be a good or a bad idea with regard to pattern choice! So I'm looking for advice—can you see potential problems with these patterns? What looks like the most fun to knit and wear? Any recommendations?
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Hi all,

Firstly thanks to [personal profile] skud for the permission to post this here.

I started a new comm last week [community profile] crafts_for_kids, which as its name suggests is for people who are interested in finding/showing crafting ideas that can be used with children. I'm hoping for as much variety as possible - any craft, for any age (young through to teens - it's all good), and it doesn't matter whether it's something they can do alone, with help and just with guidance. I'm hoping that, over time, the ideas bank will build and will include a whole bunch of cheap, fun things to do to make gifts or fill rainy days. Things that are suitable for groups of children as projects for classes or camps are also welcome.

We've already got a few ideas being shared, so do feel free to stop by and look or to come and join us and help us all find some more ideas of things to do. Crafts_For_Kids.
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It's only been eight months, rather than a year this time, so progress? I've been on a 'two projects from wool in the stash' to every new wool purchase kick this last year or so, and it seems to be working out. My stash doesn't seem to be getting any smaller, but it's not getting any bigger either...

Finished items, all from wool that was already in my stash! )
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Found this gem of a video through Ravelry. Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard:

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I've started a list in my journal for free online sources for knitting stitch patterns. (Stitchionaries, stitch libraries). To be clear, I'm referring to stitch patterns (such as brioche, linen stitch, etc.), not techniques, finishing or embellishing stitches, or project patterns. I plan to edit the post from time to time, to fix broken links, or add new ones.

I lost my whole bookmark list, including a ton of links for knitting stuff, in a recent hard-drive failure. I'm attempting to recreate it, and decided to save it in my journal, and share it, in case it's helpful.

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My partner and I are uprooting our household and moving across the country. Since our move is a pay-by-the-foot move, we decided to clean out some books. I'd like to sell these for very cheap...the cost of shipping!

I'll ship world-wide, and the cost of shipping from the U.S. may actually be cheaper than the cost of the book in your country. If you'd like to bundle knitting books with some of our other books, my larger book post is over here. Lots of classics left!

Edited to add: All books have been claimed! Thanks, y'all.
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If any of you have a moment, I would appreciate any comments/corrections about a pattern I'm working on. It's the Welcome To Night Vale logo and I've included a chart and written pattern. This is the first pattern I've made that I'll be posting for other people to use, so any comments and corrections would be really helpful. Thanks. :)

I am also not a knit-from-chart knitter, so tearing the chart apart would be *really helpful*. :D

Welcome To Knit Vale
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Hi folks,

If you want to knit Wingspan but don't want to make it the size of a scarf/shawlette, I just wrote up some notes on my recent successful ventures on making a nice warm snuggly wingspan on my journal. Also, there are photos (LOTS of photos). (I am very proud; I spun and dyed the yarn myself *squee*. This shawl is totally just for me.)
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Hi everyone!

I've mainly lurked here so far, but I wanted to draw this post to your attention:

The poster, after a life full of medical and family issues, is in dire financial strains and selling several knitting/crochet patterns in an attempt to raise money to cover a student loan bill. (If you like the patterns but can't/don't want to donate, they'll be available for free from Aug 1, so it's still worth keeping an eye on this post.)

There's doll's wings, a baby bonnet (which is really cute and I'd totally be tempted to knit it, but I don't currently know anyone with a kid that young),and mesh backpack.

(I'm not sure if this type of post is allowed, but I couldn't find anything that said it wasn't--moods, please delete if inappropriate.)
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I'm knitting my second Wingspan shawl, and I went to look up the pattern and noticed a big notice in BOLD LETTERS that the pattern is going paid-for (with improvements) on July 20, 20th. That's less than a week away. So if you want the free version, now might be a good time to download it from Ravelry.

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I made a post full of SQUEE and ALL THE PHOTOS on my blog about an antique spinning wheel I just got. NO IDEA if it's going to end up working or not, but I wanted to rescue her and take a shot at fixing her up.

Any ideas about this maker's mark also appreciated, and feel free to peruse the full blog post.

needs-to-be-rotated image of a heart with a little cross type thing at the bottom, with the letters W (backwards S) J in the middle, or possible "J S W" ?

If it helps, there are many obviously hand-crafted bits and a blacksmithed part as well, so I think this spinning wheel is pre-interchangeable parts or at least pre-standardization of parts making.

(p.s. I am lizcommotion's alter crafting ego journal.)



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